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ACES pillars

Competitive Funding Opportunities

Funds are available from the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences to support research, extension, education, and creative activities through annual competitions

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences offers faculty and staff opportunities to compete for funding that supports scholarship efforts addressing the needs of our stakeholders. These awards strengthen the college's ability to be an engine for economic and community development in New Mexico by supporting projects that enhance efforts in

  1. Food and Fiber Production and Marketing
  2. Water Use and Conservation,
  3. Family Development and Health of New Mexicans,
  4. Environmental Stewardship
  5. Foundation Education and Training.

These projects provide hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students. The overall impacts of these efforts are helping ACES to develop vibrant agricultural and natural resources industries within the state.

Funding is provided in support of graduate students, interdisciplinary collaborative projects, and projects which address the needs of New Mexico's Chile Industry. These funding opportunities are offered each year in the spring (see RFAs for details and deadlines) and are designed to provide faculty with the seed money needed to garner data which supports proposals for funding through external sources.