County Fair

Image of 4-H Clover

The Bernalillo County 4-H Fair held at The Bernalillo County Sherriff's Posse Grounds, July 29-August 2.

Admission to the 4-H Fair is free, come out and join us!

Animal Ownership Deadline -- June 1, 2018

4-H youth wanting to participate in the County Fair will need to enter by July 20, 2018. Payment for ALL departments is due at the entry deadline.

Fair Entries and Registration starts Jun 24 and ends Jul 20, 2019

[2019 Fairbook Complete]- Fairbook will be uploaded soon!

[General Rules and Awards]

[Youth Hall Science Division] [Youth Hall Personal Growth and Development]

[Youth Hall Creative Arts and Photography]

[Youth Hall Sewing Home Economics]

[Youth Hall Food Nutrition Home Economics]

[Youth Hall Consumer Education Home and Family Life]

[Youth Hall Cloverbuds]

[Sale Ring Cake Pie]

[Small Animal Poultry]

[Small Animal Cavy Rabbit]

[Small Animal Dog]

[Livestock General Rules, Showmanship, and Sale]

[Livestock Swine]

[Livestock Sheep]

[Livestock Beef]

[Livestock Goats]

[Livestock Dairy Heifers]