School Enrichment & Special Interest Programs

School Enrichment and Special Interest Programming are a BIG part of 4-H in Bernalillo County! This form of outreach targets youth who are not able to participate in the traditional club format, which requires parental involvement. Instead, youth "learn by doing" in the same core topics -- Science, Healthy Living and Citizenship -- through K-12 school-based and out-of-school programming. We partner with other youth-serving organizations to build sustainable programs that meet the unique needs of urban youth and those who teach them. By participating in 4-H programs, participants find new ways to think about and solve 21st century challenges.

Outdoor Classroom
Image of outdoor classroom.

Grades PreK-12. The outdoor classroom is HOT in Albuquerque! Join this growing local movement of 60+ schools that recognize how the outdoors is a powerful environment for students to build their critical thinking skills and develop a personal connection with the natural world -- all while getting exercise. We'll show you how! We offer technical and organizational assistance. The Seeds presentation (see below) is made in third grade classes at schools participating in our Outdoor Classroom Program. For more information, contact John Garlisch.

Junior Master Gardeners
Image of Junior Master Gardeners

Grades K-3 (currently). Junior Master Gardener Program (JMG). An 8-10 week afterschool / homeschool program of the university cooperative system. Through horticultural and environmental science education, youth become good gardeners and good citizens. Once youth complete a prescribed set of activities and a service learning project, they can receive certification through the national JMG program. Group and individual activities. For more information, contact John Garlisch.

Kids, Kows & More
Image of Kids, Kows & More

Grade 3. Despite what some kids may think, milk doesn't come from the supermarket! Milk and countless other everyday products come from farms. Kids, Kows & More is an event featuring hands-on activities and demonstrations that teach students about farm life.

Click here to learn more about the Kids and Kows event. For more info, contact Elliott Sachse..

4-H Afterschool
Image of 4-H Afterschool

4-H Afterschool is an Extension-enhanced program that:

  • offers youth a safe, healthy, caring, and enriching environment
  • engages youth in long-term, structured learning in partnership with adults
  • addresses the interests of youth and their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs

The Benefits of 4-H Afterschool

  • young people participate in engaging, exciting programs while developing valuable skills with lifelong benefits
  • training and technical assistance to help youth development organizations

These resource guides and other 4-H Afterschool products are available for purchase from the National 4-H Supply Service.

For more information, contact Bernalillo Office.

Image of seedling

Grade 3. This presentation is made in all third grade classes at schools participating in our Outdoor Classroom Program. Students learn from Master Gardeners about seed growth as well as the basics of botany and horticulture. Students take seeds to plant and nurture.

Spring months only.

For more information, contact John Garlisch.

From egg to Chick
Image of From egg to Chick

Grades K-12. Students learn some basic principles of reproduction by incubating, hatching and observing live chicks. We'll provide the incubator, eggs, and follow-up visit

Spring months only. This is a very popular program, so please schedule early!

Click here to see a great video about the Incubation and Hatching Process.

For more information, contact Brittany Sonntag.

Farming to Feed You
Image of Farming to Feed You.

Grade 5. Students become farm operators to learn about common watering methods for New Mexico crops, including flood irrigation, drip irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation systems.

Click here to learn more about Farm Operators.

For more information, contact John Garlisch.