Bees and Wasps


I have bees swarming on my place, what do I do? Who can safely and humanely remove bees from my property in the Albuquerque area?

Am I a bee or not a bee?

Pocket Guide to the Native Bees of New Mexico

Guide L-110: Honey Bees in New Mexico

The office gets several calls about "bees" throughout the year. Some are honey bees while others are western yellow jackets.

Bees are essential to fruit + vegetable production as well as seed production for many plants! Beekeeping is gaining in popularity in Albuquerque and a number of beekeepers are willing to collect the bees from your property. Those beekeepers include the following:

Pollinator and Bee Protection

The EPA has given new guidelines for BEE and Pollinator Protection when applying pesticides.

Educate yourself on these new guidelines

Bee Advisory Box

EPA Pollinator Protection

Beekeepers Association

New Mexico Beekeepers Association website to learn about upcoming beekeeping events and to become a certified beekeepers.

NMDA Bee Act

ABQbeeks - Albuquerque Beekeepers Association