Grasshoppers are hopping their way through Bernalillo County. This is an eco-cycle, basic applied ecology, that grasshoppers and nature go through and not a plague of biblical proportions. This year happens to be a larger than usual crop of the band winged or pallid winged grasshopper Trimerotropis.

The best recommendation to protect your most vulnerable plants, fruits, and vegetables is to cover them with row cover to keep the grasshoppers from eating your plants.

NMDA does not endorse or recommend the use of pesticide products. NM registered Pesticide List for Grasshopper Control

Overall, spraying will be ineffective. You can spray "until the cows come home," but it will not do much good as grasshoppers can fly and hop long distances to find food. The more a person sprays one chemical, you will kill some certain insects, while increasing the populations for others or causing unintentional harm to animals and wildlife.

No-Lo (Nosema locustae) is a natural grasshopper pathogen. According to their website, "It is very important to understand that Nosema locustae does not work rapidly. The spores must be applied against the small grasshoppers (by 3rd to 4th instar) in and near the hatching areas for maximum efficacy. This disease can be an effective control, but it will act slowly. It will have little or no impact on later instars or adult grasshoppers that move into your yard or garden." This product is also ineffective when it is too old or left too long without proper refrigeration. No-Lo will yield better results when used over a large area and not in a singular yard.

If you choose to use any chemical control (synthetic, natural, or organic), please read and follow all label directions making sure it is registered for use to control grasshoppers on the plants for which you are spraying.

The grasshoppers do not pose any health risk nor spread disease. They will not harm your pets. It is safe to walk outside without fear. They are just a nuisance.

Also birds and lizards love to eat grasshoppers! Collect them and go fishing...

Lastly, with everything, this, too, shall pass!