Food Preservation

Tip Sheets and Suggestions for Home Food Preservation done safely. For specific questions, please contact your local extension agent with food science or home economics, in Bernalillo County contact 243-1386 or email:

Guide E-307: Home Canning Vegetables

Guide E-319: Home Canning Fruits

Guide E-320: Freezing Vegetable

Guide E-321: Freezing Fruit Basics

Guide E-314: Making Jams, Jelly, Sweet Spreads at Home

Guide E-316: Home Canned Fruit Pie Fillings

Guide E-318: Fermenting and Pickling at Home

Guide E-322: Drying and Dehyrdating

Guide E-118: Storing Food Safely.

Storing Conditions for Produce in Root Cellars

CHILE Specific Resources

Guide E-308: Canning Green Chile

Guide E-311: Freezing Green Chile

Guide E-323: Salsa Recipe for Canning

Guide E-324: Processing Fresh Green Chile

Guide E-327: Using Chile for Ristras and Chile Sauce

Guide E-326: Home Canned Sweet Spreads with Green Chile


Guide E-306: Home Canning of Tomatoes

More Tomato Canning Resources - High Altitude

Additional Food Related Resources

Visit NMSU Food Publications Page for more resources related to food or Google [your desired food topic +]. Keep in mind that New Mexico is higher in Elevation than many parts of the US and recipes may need to be adjusted accordingly.