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Holiday Cooking Tips

Food Preservation and Canning

Resources for New Mexico and high elevation canning. Please contact Cindy Davies or phone 505-243-1386 for specific food preservation questions


NC State Extension Flyer titled COVID-19 and Food Safety Frequently Asked Questions Is Coronavirus a concern with Takeout?

Events & Classes

Food Safety

Online Resources

Games for Kids!

  • Ninja Kitchen: teaches principles of food safety. Award winner!
  • Science Pirates: builds better understanding of science processes and food safety.

Quick Links

  • KRQE's "New Mexico Living" Episodes - External Site Video
    NMSU Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension staff share health and nutrition tips on monthly episodes of KRQE's "New Mexico Living." Here are a few favorites:

Dianne Christensen appearing on the KRQE's January 27 episode of New Mexico Living and speaking with the host about how we can Craft a Healthier Lifestyle in 2020

Dianne Christensen
Family & Consumer
Sciences Agent

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(Click image to download a PDF of this flyer from NC State Extension.)

Recipes Booklets

Cooking with a Pressure Cooker cover art depicting pressure cooker pot and lid on a kitchen counter

  • New! - Hearty New Mexican Soups and Stews - Recipe Booklet
    Perfect for winter meals, try these favorites recipes that are sure to warm you up. Previously available for Cindy Schlenker-Davies' winter cooking classes; now in PDF format (with clickable links in the table of contents).

Hearty New Mexico Soups and Stews cover art depicting a steaming bowl of stew surrounded by carrot, a mushroom, and a spoon

Topical Resources

Videos and Webinars

  • NOW: Nutrition On Weekends
    Food insecurity - lacking consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members is an ongoing challenge affecting 30% of youth in New Mexico. No child should ever have to go hungry, and you can be involved in making this change.
    Please consider donating at the link above to help support NOW.

Games for Kids!