Tomato Propagation & Processing

Resources for the propagation, harvesting, safe handling, drying, preserving, and recipes containing tomatoes.

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Growing and Harvesting Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in the home garden may present many challenges: Insects, diseases, water stress, heat stress, nutrients, soil, humans, pets, other pests all affect plant growth. Once successful, many options are available for processing a harvest. See the publications listed below for more information relating to the most common issues and suggested solutions.

Circular 457-B: Growing Zones, Recommended Crop Varieties, & Planting and Harvesting Information for Home Vegetable Gardens in NM. May 2014.

Presentation: Guidelines for Growing Terrific Tomatoes
Comprehensive overview of the tomato history, varieties, cultivars, diseases, soil improvement, fertilzation, management, and harvest to develop a home gardening strategy. 2014.

Webpage: Choosing Tomato Varieties
Consider the pros and cones of Bush-type (determinate) and Vining (indeterminate) varietes. From "Growing tomatoes in home gardens" page by University of Minnesota Extension.

Book: Down to Earth. A Gardener's Guide to the Albuquerque Area
Knowledge and personal experiences of many Albuquerque gardeners. 486 pages. Answers to commonly asked questions. Includes month-by-month, zone-specific garden maintenance and troubleshooting advice. Visit the Albuquerque Garden Center Library, 10120 Lomas NE (Click for map), or purchase a copy from one of these Vendors.

Circular 457: Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico .

Other select information on Growing Tomatoes:

Diagnosing Problems


July 2002: What s Killing My Tomatoes?
Tomato hornworm is often the biggest tomato pest but the hardest to see. The five-inch, green worm is relatively plump and blends well with foliage. July 2002 Issue, from the Southwest Yard & Garden series


Article: Tomato Disease
"Extension Plant Pathology" - News You Can Use. Color newsletter detailing Early Blight and Phoma Rot diseases. By NMSU.

Guide H-106: Curly Top Virus
Causes, Hosts, Symptoms, Transmission, Disease Conditions, and Disease Management. Reissued May 2006.


Guide A-231: Blossom End Rot
Causal Agent, Hosts, Symptoms, Conditions For Disease, and Management. Revised February 2013.

Tomato Recipes

Guide E-323: Salsa Recipes for Canning
Revised August 2015.

Guide E-306.: Preserving Tomatoes At Home
Revised November 2014.