Food & Nutrition

Throughout the county, residents are diagnosed with many different types of diseases that require a specialized diet. The Lea County Extension Service and Nor Lea General Hospital work together to provide patients with a learning experience in the form of a cooking school. The cooking schools very in time and are taught in the Lovington Clinic.

Healthy Cooking School. This cooking school is for anyone wishing to learn how to eat and cook healthy. The class is a 3 lesson series and focus on the USDA My Plate guidelines, low fat, portion control, and meal planning.

Heart Healthy Cooking. This cooking school is developed for heart patients. Throughout the 4 lessons, the participants learn about labels, low-fat and low sodium cooking methods and resources on portion control, the DASH diet and heart healthy cooking procedures.

Diabetes Cooking School. This cooking school is developed for diabetes patients. Throughout the 4 lesson series, the participants learn about the disease of diabetes, how to count carbohydrates, how to cook using healthy ingredients and how to use artificial sweeteners. A diabetes newsletter is mailed out to diabetes patients quarterly. To receive an electronic copy of the newsletter, please sign up on the Lea County Extension Service Blog.

Check the County Calendar for upcoming cooking school dates and times.