4-H Projects & Contests

There are numerous projects available to 4-H members, including: foods, clothing, public speaking, models, aerospace, wood science, livestock, health, gardening, and photography.

Four-H members begin by exploring their interests. They may select one or more projects and receive a project manual which guides them through activities. All 4-H projects are age appropriate.

One of the most important aspects of 4-H project work is that the 4-H member decides what they want to learn and do, as they explore their project. This allows the project to be self-paced and gives children important skills in setting and working toward their goals.

Four-H provides youth with opportunities to gain life-skills like decision making, public speaking, and team work through healthy competitions in a fun and educational setting.

Otero County 4-H Achievement Day

The annual 4-H Achievement Day is scheduled for August 7, 2021. Viewing of indoor 4-H exhibits will be held on this date.

Indoor 4-H exhibits (except nutrition/baking) are to be delivered to the Extension Office on Monday, August 2nd, 8am-7pm. Nutrition/baking exhibits are to be delivered to the Extension Office on Thursday, August 5th, 8am-7pm or Friday, August 6th, 7am-10am.

  • Indoor 4-H Exhibit Rules and Classes
    A list of exhibit classes for every NM 4-H project. Use this document and 4-H project materials when preparing 4-H exhibits to ensure standards for exhibits are followed.

Otero County 4-H Record Books

Record Books are a way for youth to gain recognition for 4-H project work. Four-H Record Books are due the 3rd Thursday of October to the Otero County Extension Office and must be submitted in a 3-ring binder binder.

Scholarships for 4-H'ers

  • Walter Wade Memorial Scholarship
    A $250 scholarship is available to a young college student who: 1) has been a 4-H member in good standing of 4-H work in Otero County for at least 4 consecutive years, 2) is the most deserving applicant attending any accredited school, and 3) is in at least a 2 year program of study. This scholarship is sponsored by the Otero County 4-H Council and the application deadline is July 1st.


All 4-H Clubs must complete the fundraiser/sponsorship request form below before conducting a fundraiser or soliciting sponsorship or donation.

Fundraising/Sponsorship Request Forms must be completed and submitted at least two weeks prior to fund raising event. Forms will need to be sent to the Extension Office for approval.

Any 4-H Club wanting to conduct a fundraiser involving food must obtain a food permit from the New Mexico Environment Dept. (NMED) before offering their food products to the public. Please contact the Extension Office for assistance with NMED food permit applications.