Otero County 4-H Shooting Sports

The focus of all 4-H programs is the development of youth as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens.

The National 4-H shooting Sports Program stands out as an example. Youth learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles of hunting and archery, and much more.

The activities of the program and the support of caring adult leaders provide your people with opportunities to develop life skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics.

How To Join

* Must be enrolled in an Otero County 4-H Club.

* Complete Hunter Education class.

Go to NM Game and fish website, Visit NM State Wildlife for more information on Hunter Education course or visit the Otero county Extension Office at 401 Fairgrounds Road in Alamogordo.


The mission of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program is to assist youth in the following:

* Acquiring Knowledge

* Developing life skills

* Forming attitudes so they may become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society.


All instructors are trained by state instructors certified to teach courses. adult volunteers receive training in shooting sports at state and regional workshops to become qualified instructors.

shooting sports leaders act as role models and must impart the 4-H philosophy and positive youth development objectives to 4-H members.

What Can My Child Do?

Novices (ages 8 to 11) * .22 Rifle * Air Rifle * Archery

Juniors (ages 12 to 13) * .22 Rifle * Air Rifle * Archery * Shotgun

Seniors (ages 14 to 19) * .22 Rifle * Air Rifle * Archery * Shotgun * Pistol * Muzzle Loader

Policies and Plans