Quay County Contest Information

  • Southeast 4-H District Contest
    This link is to the District Contest Rules and Information. We follow these rules for county contest except for the bowl contests.
  • State Conference Webpage
    This link is for the State Conference Webpage and has the rules for the Contests for Seniors when we go to state.


Drawing of a compound bow with parts labeled
Drawing of an arrow with parts labeled


Consumer Decision Making

CDM Classes for District Contest 2018

Place Settings.
Healthy Snacks.
Wearable Technology

Novice will give reasons in Healthy Snacks

Juniors will give reasons in Healthy Snacks & Wearable Technology

Entomology Contest

Favorite Food Show

Home Economics Bowl

Home Economics Skill-a-Thon

  • State Home Ec Skill-a-thon
    Link to website with pictures for both the State and National contest. Download booklet to your computer for study purposes under each topic

Horse Bowl

  • Horse Bowl Test Bank
    These questions are for District Contest. 2/3 of contest will come from this bank.


Land Contest - State Only

Livestock Skill-a-Thon/Meats Contest



Wildlife Contest

State Wildlife Habitat