Agriculture & Horticulture

Quay county's agriculture industry strives to be competitive within regional, statewide and national markets. This requires a continuous flow of appropriate technology addressing local needs within Eastern New Mexico. Our Extension program works to maintain and strengthen programs that address these needs. Water remains to be the most important limiting resource for our county's producers. All aspects of water use affect agricultural efficiency and profitability. Water management will become more critical as demands for urbanization and industrialization increase. The Tucumcari Project, in east-central New Mexico surrounds the city of Tucumcari and contains about 41,000 acres of irrigable land. Project features include the Conchas Dam and Reservoir (constructed by the Corps of Engineers), the Conchas and Hudson Canals, and a distribution and drainage system. Many crops grown in the project are used to sustain the area's livestock industry. Alfalfa hay, alfalfa seed, grain sorghum, cotton, and wheat are the leading crops produced. (Arch Hurley website)

Upcoming Events

*October 16th, 2021 - Table top Harvest Fest at Wells Park

*October 26th, 2021 - First Beginning Farmers Meeting for 2021-2022

*November 30th, 2021 - Pesticide Applicators Workshop

First Session of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program
First Session of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program

We will be hosting the First Session of the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program on October 26th from 6pm to 7:30pm at the Extension Office 216 E. Center Street Tucumcari, NM. Please let anyone interested know about the program.

Agriculture Hot Links

  • Arch Hurley Conservancy District
    This is an excellent website to find information on our local irrigation district, lake levels, and a great source for topics concerning water rights in New Mexico.
  • New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture
    This website is the official site to New Mexico Department of Agriculture. The agency responsible for Pesticide Applicators license, regulations, weights & measures, and inspections.
  • Corona Range and Livestock Research Center
    The Corona Range and Livestock Research Center is a 27,886-acre working ranch laboratory located near the geographical center of the state of New Mexico, just east of the village of Corona.
  • National Weather Service
    Up to date and time accurate weather information. Five Day forecast and much more. Plan a trip, yard or farm work.

Production Agriculture Information

  • Circular 637 Preconditioning Beef Calves
    Producers preconditioning calves prior to shipping are challenged to identify practical preconditioning approaches that can be implemented within their management system and yield sufficient price premiums to be cost effective.

Yard & Garden/ Commercial Horticulture

  • Fruit Species & Varieties for the Home Orchard
    The following discussion covers some problems likely to be encountered with various species, areas of adaptation and a number of recommended varieties. Others may perform equally as well, and the performance of a given variety may be better in protected areas around homes than in commercial plantings.
  • Turf Grass Establishment
    An important aspect of obtaining a good turfgrass stand is the selection is selecting correct adapted species and varieties. Most problems encountered in established turfs can be related directly to mistakes or omissions made prior to or during turf establishment. A new turfgrass site always should be prepared to correct existing problems and avoid potential problems.
  • Pinon Needle Scale
    The pinon needle scale (Matsucoccus acalyptus Herbert) is a native sap-sucking insect found in the Southwest. Feeding by scales weakens trees by killing needles older than 1 year. Sometimes small trees are killed by repeated feeding and large trees weakened to such an extent that they fall victims to attack by the bark beetle Ips confusus (LeConte). Scale infestations and damage are especially serious on trees valued for shade or esthetics.