Poisonous Weeds of Quay County

Rayless Goldenrod
Rayless Goldenrod

Description: Poisonous

  • Low-growing half-shrub. Erect stems and woody crown, Flowers are yellow, small, bunches at tip of stems, 2-4 ft height.

Habitat: Dry rangelands, river valleys, drainages

Toxic: Poisonous to all livestock, Toxic agent is tremetone, Toxic year round, Lethal dose 1.0 to 1.5 percent of animals weight over 2-3 weeks.

Signs of poisoning: Trembling of Muscles, Constipation, vomiting, labored breathing, dribbling of urine, Stiffness, weakness in forelegs.

Treatment: Hand dig including the crown, Herbicides are effective.


Description: Poisonous - Coarse annual - Affects all classes of Livestock

  • Leaves are alternate, rough and broad triangular, separate male and female flowers on the same plant

  • Fruit is a hard two-celled, two-beaked bur covered with stiff hooked barbs, containing two seeds.

Habitat: Occurs throughout the state, disturbed areas, roadsides, around water holes

Toxic: Carboxyatractyloside, a glycoside shown to be hypoglycemic, in the seeds and seedlings, drops quickly as the first true leaves develop, toxic dose of seedlings equals 0.75 to 1.5% of body weight

Signs of Poisoning: Acute; weakness, unsteady gait; rapid breathing, rapid weak pulse, subnormal temperature, convulsions, vomiting; death in fatal poisoning in 12 to 24 hrs after first symptoms