Utility Vehicle Safety and Calibration Test

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Certification Test

Before you take the certification test, please review the training video and other safety information on the Vehicle Checkout page.

You need to achieve a score of 100% to be eligible to use the Quay County utility vehicles.

Click the radio buttons indicating whether each statement is true or false, then click the submit button.

1 Drivers over the age of 12 can legally operate a utility vehicle without a driver’s license. True False
2 Operators should always read the owner’s manual and warning labels before operating a utility vehicle. True False
3 Operators should never consume alcohol or drugs before operating a utility vehicle. True False
4 It is all right for a utility vehicle to be driven on paved roads. True False
5 The 1/128 calibration method can be used on all types of spray equipment. True False
6 You should always wear a helmet, googles, gloves, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and over the ankle boots when operating a utility vehicle. True False
7 The roll cage should protect you in any crash. True False
8 In the 1/128 calibration method, faster speeds mean more chemical is delivered. True False
9 Always drive straight up a hill and never on the side of a hill. True False
10 Never operate at excessive speeds for the terrain, visibility, and your experience of operating a utility vehicle. True False
11 Never carry passengers in the load box of the utility vehicle. True False
12 You should always visually inspect the utility vehicle before operation. True False
13 A seat belt should always be worn by all passengers of the utility vehicle. True False
14 The easiest thing to change when calculating boom calibration is your vehicle speed. True False
15 You should always come to a complete stop before shifting gears. True False
16 It is all right to do donuts, power slides, jumps, or other stunts in the utility vehicle. True False
17 You should use the side safety nets at all times during operation. True False
18 The first step in measuring sprayer calibration is to fill your tank with water. True False
19 The operator is solely responsible for all passengers of the utility vehicle they are operating. True False
20 You should always check that the tilt bed is latched before operation. True False
21 You should never carry passengers under the age of 12 in a utility vehicle. True False
22 The operator and all passengers should keep their hands inside the vehicle at all times during operation. True False
23 You should avoid sharp turns at high speeds with this vehicle. True False
24 The 1/128 calibration method is based on 128 ounces in a gallon of liquid. True False
25 Severe injury or death can occur if proper safety is not practiced in operating this vehicle. True False


I certify that I understand the safety video and other training materials presented on the Vehicle Checkout page, and that I will adhere to all the safety regulations and protocols.

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