Roosevelt County Extension Association

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Established in 1941, the Roosevelt County Extension Association is a group that focuses on strengthening individuals, families, and communities through education, leadership and action.

Roosevelt County Officers

  • President: Nancy Legleiter
  • Vice President: Mary Ann Danforth
  • Secretary: Bernadette Smedley
  • Treasurer: Jean Mason
  • Parliamentarian: Panzy Jordan
  • Reporter: Judy Terry

Standing Committees

  • Marketing: LaVerne Lee
  • Cultural Arts: Debra Peacock
  • Historian: Janette Bass

Awards and 4-H Scholarships

  • Dottie Lee

RCEA Clubs

  • Bethel: Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month
  • Causey: Meets the Second Monday of the Month
  • Working 9-5 Club: Meets the Third Tuesday of the Month
  • Friendship Club: Meets the Second Wednesday of the Month
  • Elida Club: Meets the Second Thursday of the Month
  • Roosevelt County Homesteaders Club: Meets the Third Wednesday of the Month