2020 Sandoval County Fair

Monday, July 20

Exhibitor Registration/Entry Deadline. All virtual video and sale picture submissions due including livestock, small animal, and indoor. Visit ShoWorks Online Entries

Wednesday, July 29

  • 4-H Indoor Exhibitor High Point Winners Announced

Thursday, July 30

  • 4-H Rabbit Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Poultry Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Dairy Goat Show Winners Announced

Friday, July 31

  • 4-H Meat Goat Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Market Swine Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Market Lamb Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Breeding Heifer Show Winners Announced
  • 4-H Market Steer Show Winners Announced

Saturday, August 1

Virtual Jr. Livestock Auction *August 1, 2020
Local Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Chicken for sale
2019 Grand Champion Market Steer
2019 Grand Champion Market Steer

4-H Livestock & Small Animal Exhibit Guidelines

  • 2020 Virtual Show Guidelines
    Except as defined, all rules and regulations included in the Livestock Rules and Policies book shall be adhered to.

Buyer and Donor Information

Exhibitors are encouraged to solicit their own add-ons and buyers

Here are resources to help you do so. Please share, print, and post.

Livestock Exhibitors

  • Ashbrook, Aiden
  • Ashbrook, Kaitlin
  • Benavidez, Isaiah
  • Benavidez, Joshua
  • Canuto, Lacey
  • Casaus, Joaquin
  • Casaus, Marcos
  • Casaus, Santiago
  • Garcia, Baylee
  • Garcia, Gavin
  • Gonzales, Reva
  • Gordo, Iris
  • Gordo, Rolandrea
  • Gordo, Tristan
  • Herrera, Estrella
  • Herrera, Natalie
  • Herrera Jr, Martin
  • Herrera, Alycia
  • Jacobson, Anna
  • Lucero, Tyran
  • Maes, Anyka
  • McNichols, Emily
  • McNichols, Macy
  • McNichols, Tabitha
  • Montoya, Orion
  • Montoya, Makayla
  • Moore, Jordan
  • Moore, Reagan
  • Moore, Taylor
  • Mortensen, Faith
  • Mortensen, Ryan
  • Mortensen, Ryanna
  • Mosher, Cadence
  • Mosher, Jaleh
  • Otero, Ariana
  • Otero, Victoria
  • Ray, Kadance
  • Sandoval, Nephi
  • Sandoval, Santiago
  • Sanchez, Lisette
  • Tsosie, Raychio
  • Watt, Abigail
  • Whitehorse, Chavez
  • Wright, Presley

Obtain Top Quality Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat and Poultry

Meat shortages across the country caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led more consumers to buying local. Having a variety of meat cuts on hand whenever you want them is a great convenience. Many people will go in on a larger quantity of meat with family and friends to lower and spread the cost. You are also investing in the future of 4-H youth.

We use a local processor 'Mathews Custom Meat Processing" located in Belen.

  • Average processing rate = $1.50/lb

Approximate weights the buyer receives:

  • Steer average 745 lb. carcass
  • Hog average 166 lb. carcass
  • Lamb average 64 lb. carcass

4-H Indoor Exhibits