ACES COVID-19 Response Farming & Farmers Markets

  • NMDA Produce Safety videos
    Playlist includes videos on:
    • Food Contact Surfaces
    • Handwashing for Agricultural Workers
    • Packing Zones and Cleaning
  • New Mexico Agriculture Industry Information Related to COVID-19
    Including: Public Health, Food Safety, Produce Safety, Cooperative Extension Service information, For Business/Employers, For Employees, NMDA, Veterinary Diagnosis Services, New Mexico Livestock Board, Livestock Markets, Farmers Markets, Beef Council
  • Fresh and Sometimes Dirty
    Fresh produce can sometimes be dirty. It’s important to wash it, no matter where you get it.
  • Produce Safety Matters
    Growers, packing centers, and retailers rely on one another to prevent contamination and keep consumers safe. Four animations illustrate how contamination can spread from field to table and suggest ways to avoid this.

For Dairy Farmers