Gopher plant Euphorbia rigida


Euphorbia rigida
Euphorbia rigida
General Information
Plant Form Flower Plant Size 2' x 3'
Plant Type Perennial Water Usage Low
Sunlight Sun Colors Green, Yellow
Physical Description Low, spreading but ascending stems lined with stiff, fleshy, gray-green, pointed leaves arising from a central crown. In spring and often again in fall, stem ends bear spreading clusters of attractive chartreuse to yellow bracts enclosing small flowers.
Care and Maintenance Stems naturally die back to crown after seed set and must be removed but new stems quickly emerge. White, milky sap can irritate the skin and plant supposedly repels gophers.
Gardener's notes Hardy and drought tolerant. Likes sun and poor soils. Reseeds well. Also known as E. biglandulosa. E. myrsinites is a smaller, similar species. Both from South Africa. Many Euphorbias are useful ornamentals including Poinsettias but most are tropical and not cold-hardy. Some are troublesome weeds like spurge.