Robert B. McLaughlin

Robert B. McLaughlin received his BSEE in 1949 from Tri-State College, Angola,Indiana. His professional career was in engineering and he lived in Alaska during much of that period. He has worked on diatoms since 1962 and was also a Research Associate of the Museum of New Mexico in microscopic examination of folk and fine art from 1981-1991. From 1985 to 1995 he was editor of the column "Diatoms" in the journal "The Microscope." He authored books on microscope accessories and special methods in light microscopy, as well as his major contribution (with John L. Stone), "Some Late Pleistocene Diatoms of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska" in Nova Hedwigia in 1986. He has also authored or coauthored several other articles on various other diatoms. Robert McLaughlin died at Santa Fe, New Mexico, early in 2012, after his 90th birthday..