Academic Achievement Award

The students selected to receive this award will be determined by the ACES Awards Committee each semester.

To be eligible for nomination, the student must:

(a) be an undergraduate senior graduating in the semester for which they are being nominated;

(b) have an overall grade point of 3.0 or better;

(c) non-traditional student in a sense that they have returned to school, full time work, supporting a family etc;

(d) student

Nomination Deadlines: March 30 for spring awards - October 30 for fall awards.

Nominations: Any departmental faculty and staff may nominate the candidates for the award using the attached for submitted through the appropriate academic department head. Completed forms will be forwarded to the Academic Programs Office.

Mail nomination forms to:
Janie Wagoner
Administrative Assistant
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3AG
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

On-campus address:
Gerald Thomas Hall
Room 221

Nomination forms attached to emails my be sent to The Office of Academic Programs.