Distinguished Professional Staff

On & Off-Campus

Awards Selection Committee Criteria for Distinguished Professional Staff Award, Two awards will be given each year. One award for on campus personnel and one award for off campus personnel.


Recognition for excellence in performance including any or all of the following:

  • Excellence in job skills and performance of those skills
  • On-the-job initiative contributing to the effectiveness of a unit
  • Contributions to an effective work atmosphere for fellow employees and constituents
  • Contributions toward good working relationships between units in the college, university and community (for off campus)
  • Commitment to overcome obstacles
  • Other outstanding traits


All full-time exempt staff of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences employed at least three consecutive years; on-campus and / or off-campus.

Nomination Deadline: March 1


Any client, alumni, student, or employee of the college of ACES may nominate an individual by sending a letter describing the performance and qualities of the nominee warranting the award. Include supporting evidence and up to three letters of support. All letters must be typed in 12 point font.

Recipient will receive:

A certificate and a medal

Mail typed nomination packets to:

Awards Selection Committee c / o Dean, College of Agricultural, Consume and Environmental Sciences P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3AG New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM 88003

On-Campus address

Gerald Thomas Hall room 220-MSC 3AG


Typed nomination letters may be sent to Dean's Office


  • 2018 Misty Haynes (on-campus)
  • 2018 Anthony Aranda (off-campus)
  • 2017 Barbara Hunter (on-campus)
  • 2016 Jacqueline Beacham (on-campus)
  • 2015 Jason French (on-campus)
  • 2015 Jason Box (off-campus)
  • 2014 CC Chamberlin (on-campus)
  • 2014 Richard Dunlap (off-campus)
  • 2013 Joby Priest (on-campus)
  • 2013 Margaret West (off-campus)
  • 2012 Maurice Craig (on-campus)
  • 2012 Tammy Parsons (off-campus)
  • 2011 Connie Padilla (on-campus)
  • 2011 Shad Cox (off-campus)