Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union Faculty Service Awards

  1. The committee recommends that the awards be given for service to the university. Two faculty awards will be given annually. One award is to be given to a faculty member from the main campus and one is to be given to a branch campus faculty member. Awardees must have at least a half-time appointment with NMSU.

  2. Each college and the library will nominate one faculty member (two from Arts & Sciences). Each branch campus will also nominate one person. Nominations are to be sent to the Office of the Provost by Thursday, April 8, 2010. The awardees will be selected by the Office of the Provost from a finalist list selected by the Associate Deans Advisory Council.

  3. Service will include the person's general contributions to the organization and development of the university (at all levels) and, to a lesser extent, services to any local, state, national or international agency or institution needing the specific benefits to be derived from the instructors knowledge and skills. Services in the following will be particularly helpful to the nominee:

    • Faculty Senate
    • The General Education Course Certification Committee
    • The Graduate Council
    • The NMSU Parking Committee
    • The Review Board of Faculty Salary Increase / Performance Evaluation
    • The University Appeals Board
    • Any University-wide Search Committee
    • Advisory Council on Administrative Policy

    Special consideration will be given to individuals holding leadership positions on these committees (e.g. chairing the committee).

  4. In order to recognize as many faculty as possible, a person selected to receive the award will be ineligible to receive this award again for the succeeding four academic years. (A complete list of award winners is listed below.)

  5. The application packet will consist of a nomination letter from the department head and supporting material. The award will be given to reward a history of service and not based on any one year.

  6. Each award winner will receive $1,000 at an award ceremony during the first fall university faculty meeting(opening program for faculty and staff).

Past Winners:


  • Don Merrill, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Kathy Flores, NMSU Alamogordo Branch


  • Jim Bullock, Accounting & Business Computer Systems
  • Cecilia Perrow, NMSU Grants Branch


  • Lloyd Cooper, Educational Management & Development
  • John Loveland, Management


  • Enrique Solis, Educational Management & Development
  • Fred Bloss, NMSU Carlsbad Branch


  • Tara Gray, Criminal Justice
  • Margaret Kaczmarek, Counseling & Education Psychology


  • Clyde Eastman, Ag Economics & Ag Business
  • Jimmy E. Smith, NMSU Alamogordo Branch


  • Gerald L. Chacon, Cooperative Extension Service
  • Roberta L. Himebrook, NMSU Alamogordo Branch


  • Dr. Nancy Baptiste, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Ms. Barbara Raub, Do&ntildea Ana Branch


  • Joseph Benson, Director of Management
  • Bruce Rockford Burris, NMSU Alamogordo Branch


  • Lisa Frehill, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  • James Gallagher, NMSU Alamogordo Branch