NACTA Teaching Award

National Association of Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture

Nomination Deadline:
March 1

Those attributes which pertain to exemplary teaching include: knowledge of subject matter, organization of material; classroom performance; relationship with students; advising, counseling and recruiting students; contributions to teaching other than in the classroom; professional attitude; personal qualities.

Recipient will receive:
A certificate and a medal

Any faculty member or graduate teaching assistant at a college or university having institutional membership in NACTA (National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) who has displayed outstanding instructional performance in the area of teaching of an agricultural discipline is eligible to receive the award.

Alumnus students, or employees of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences may nominate. The letter of nomination will be forwarded to the Dean's office accompanied by a minimum of documenting evidence, which will include:

  • A statement concerning nominee's special contributions to the teaching profession.
  • A statement attesting to why the teacher should be considered for the award and what makes the person's teaching effort noteworthy at the time the award is to be presented.
  • A supporting statement from the nominee's immediate supervisor.
  • One letter of support from students, which may include the signatures of multiple students.

Submission options:
Nomination may be submitted by email or paper, but only supporting documents included in the original nomination will be considered.

Typed nomination letters may be sent to


Mail letters of nomination to:
Awards Committee c / o
Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3AG
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

On-campus address:


  • 2019 Jennifer Frey
  • 2018 R.G. "Tre" Easterly
  • 2017 Brian Schutte
  • 2016 Ryan Ashley
  • 2015 Laura White
  • 2014 Ryan Goss
  • 2013 Chris Cramer
  • 2012 Mark Uchanski
  • 2011 Adrian Unc
  • 2010 Laurie Abbott
  • 2009 Manoj Shulka
  • 2008 Andres Cibils
  • 2007 April Ulery
  • 2006 Scott Bundy
  • 2005 Jerry Hawkes
  • 2004 Mary O'Connell
  • 2003 Geno Picchioni
  • 2002 Gerald Hawkes
  • 2001 Carlos Rosencrans
  • 2000 Allen Torell
  • 1999 David Thompson
  • 1998 Champa S. Gopalan
  • 1997 Dean E. Hawkins
  • 1996 Robert M. Torres
  • 1995 Tim Ross
  • 1994 Brenda Seevers
  • 1993 Tom Dormody
  • 1992 Tracy M. Sterling
  • 1991 Leon Wagley
  • 1990 Paul R. Turner
  • 1989 James D. Libbin
  • 1988 Robert H. Roberson
  • 1987 Kelly W. Allred