ACES Team Award

Nomination Deadline:
March 1

A team of three or more NMSU faculty or staff (including professional, classified, and administrative staff), with a majority of members from the College of Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences, engaged in interdisciplinary activities in one or more of the functional areas of teaching, Experiment Station research, and Extension Station research. Teams with international activities in any of the functional areas also may be considered for nomination.

Eligibility: A team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. This can include lab, office or committee efforts. The team programs should be functioning actively during the year of nomination for the award. While it is recognized that multi-disciplinary collaboration can occur within a single department, Extension district, or other administrative unit, nominations involving interdepartmental collaboration are strongly encouraged.

The award can recognize short-term, high-impact programs, as well as longer-term team contributions. Nominations must illustrate how the contributions of the team support the mission of the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. These contributions can be in generating new knowledge, disseminating existing knowledge, or developing instructional programs or activities. Nominations should identify and justify the interdisciplinary nature of the activities proposed for recognition, as well as clearly state how the interdisciplinary nature of the team affected the contribution(s). A brief professional resume of each team member should be included in the nomination packet.

Recipients will Receive:
A Certificate

Submission options:
Nomination may be submitted by email or paper, but only supporting documents included in the original nomination will be considered.

Typed nomination letters may be sent to


Mail letters of nomination to:
Awards Committee c / o
Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3AG
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003

On-campus address:


  • 2019 4-H Healthy Living Program: Steve Beck, Jacqueline Baca, Sierra Baca, Trisha Chaves, Tom Dominguez, Raquel Garzon, Robyn Haynes, Nicole Jacobs, Desaree Jimenez, Bryce Jorgenson, Laynee Kuenstler, Nicole Lujan, Katie Sharpton, Mindy Turner, Anne Marie Wilson, and Shannon Wooten

  • 2018 NM Indian Livestock Day Team: Kathy Landers, August Archuleta, Tom Dominguez, Chase Elkins, Joseph Garcia, Edmund Gomez, Craig Gifford, Tory Hougland, Del Jimenez, Steve Lucero, Monica Lury, Newt McCarty, Leah Platero, Patrick Torres, Marcy Ward

  • 2017 Plant Pest Response Network: Jacqueline Beacham, Paul Bosland, Chris Cramer, Rebecca Creamer, Jason French, Natalie Goldberg, Steve Hanson, Richard Heerema, Brad Lewis, Phil Lujan, Jane Pierce, Naveen Puppala, Jennifer Randall, Soum Sonogo, Carol Sutherland, Steve Thomas, Jeff Witte, Jinfa Zhang

  • 2016 Media Productions / Learning Games Lab: David Abraham, Adrian Aguirre, Esther Aguirre, Stan Carbine, Barbara Chamberlin, CC Chamberlin, Patricia Clark, Michael Ferrales, Jeanne Gleason, Wendy Hamilton, Pamela Martinez, Gerritt McGill, Philip McVann, Amy Muise, Connie Padilla, Seth Powers, Elizabeth Sohn, Tomilee Turner

  • 2015 New Mexico Youth Ranch Management Camp Team: Nick Ashcroft, Jack Blindfold, Blair Clavel, Doug Cram, Tom Dean, Tom Dominguez, Summer Eaton, Jerry Hawkes, Steve Lucero, Leigh Ann Marez, Sonja Jo Serna, Sam Smallidge, Patrick Torres, Marcy Ward and John Wenzel

  • 2014 Wastewater Land Application Team: William Lindemann, John Mexal, Geno Picchioni, Ted Sammis, Manoj Shukla, and April Ulery

  • 2013 RiverXchange Commercial Uses of Water - "Agriculture": Cassidy Cordova, John Garlisch, Nichole Lujan, Steve Lucero, Elliott Sachse, Patrick Torres, Christina Turner, Michelle Watson, Amelia White

  • 2013 Military Kids Camp: John Allen, Teresa Dean, Tom Dean, Kelly Fitterer, Elia Galindo, Amanda Good, Cindy Grooms, Kim Hand, Frank Hodnett, Eva Madrid, Karim Martinez, Rick Richardson, Mindy Turner

  • 2012 Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project (RAIPAP)

  • 2011 NM 4-H Home Economics School: Mindy Turner, Shelly Porter, Connie Moyers, Teresa Dean, Ann-Marie Wilson, Marsha Palmer, Shannon Franklin, Jacqueline Baca, Corina Neish, Laura Bittner, Nicole Lujan, Desaree Jiminez, Shannon Wooton, Frank Hodnett

  • 2010 NM Natural Resources Consortium

  • 2008 Southwest Border Food Safety & Defense Center: Billy Dictson, Jeff Witte, Bobby Ann Dictson, John Wenzel and Flint Taylor

  • 2007 Ideas for Cooking & Nutrition Program (ICAN)

  • 2006 Managing Nutsedge and Nematode Pests in Chile using Alfalfa Crop Rotation Team: Jill Schroeder, Stephen H. Thomas, Leigh W. Murray and Ian Ray (EPPWS)

  • 2005 Rio Grande Basin Initiative

  • 2001 Skeen Hall Transition Team

  • 1987 Range Improvement Task Force