Faist Lab

Welcome to the Faist Lab! We examine many aspects of rangeland and restoration ecology. Through greenhouse, lab, and field experiments we employ a variety of techniques with the primary focus to overcome abiotic and biotic constraints to ecological restoration success. Please visit the different pages on this website to learn more about what we do and potential opportunities to join the lab.

Flowering claret cup closeup
Greenhouse seed bank study
Vernal pool vegetation monitoring

Lab news

7-20-19 We are excited to welcome Kirsten Romig who while continuing her important work with the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range will also be starting her PhD with the Faist lab this Fall semester. Happy to have you join us Kirsten!

7-12-19 Restoration Ecology technician position has been extended to now close August 1st. Come join our lab and be a core part of the research team!

7-6-19 The Faist Lab welcomes Tyler Turk and Savannah Meadors who will both be starting their Master's work this fall! Thrilled to have them both join us and looking forward to learning about what their research uncovers!

6-13-19 Interested in rangeland restoration ecology? You are in luck! A full-time one-year restoration ecology technician position is now open in the lab! Please go to Open Positions in "Prospective students" tab for more information on the position and how to apply.

6-11-19 Exciting new PhD positions are available to start in January of 2019! Please check the "Prospective Students" tab for more information.