Meet the Team

Female graduate students from NMSU's Department of Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology, the Department of Geology, and the Jornada LTER will serve as trip leaders in 2020. These ladies are passionate about their research and all love the outdoors. They are also trained in Wilderness and Remote Area First Aid. The trip leaders will carry a satellite device to contact emergency personnel.

Dr. Wiebke Boeing


Dr. Wiebke Boeing is an aquatic ecology professor at NMSU and is leading the GALS of southern NM and west TX team. Visit Dr. Boeing's Page.

Fiona M.


Fiona McKibben is a graduate student at NMSU, researching an endemic species of chipmunk. She loves climbing trees, throwing frisbees and playing in the dirt.

Brittany S.


Brittany is currently a graduate student of the Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology Department studying endangered small mammals. Her research project is investigating habitat selection by the Organ Mountains Colorado chipmunk. When she's not chasing after chipmunks, Brittany enjoys good food, good books, and traveling to new places.

Karissa V.

Trip leader Karissa

Karissa is a graduate student with Geological Sciences at NMSU. She studies the oldest episode of the ignimbrite flare-up in southern New Mexico and ways to trace outflow sheets. when she isn't studying rocks, she hikes or scuba dives.

Neeshia M.

Trip leader Neeshia

I am a Restoration Ecologist with focused research on grasses in the Chihuahuan Desert. Aside from looking at plants, I spend a lot of time petting any animal that crosses my path and playing music.

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