"John" Kaichiro and Tome Nakayama Professorship - cont.

The family grew to include five sons and three daughters. In the summer everyone had a job on the farm.

According to Joe, his father told the children that he would not have a lot to leave them when he died but he would be sure they all had a chance for an education. All eight took their father's promise to heart, with seven attending NMSU for all or part of their education.

Joe completed his studies in agricultural engineering on the GI Bill after WWII. When there were no jobs to be found following his graduation in 1951, he accepted his brother Carl's invitation to join him on the family farm.

The values that his parents instilled in him inspired Joe Nakayama (now retired) to establish two research professorships at New Mexico State University in their names to benefit the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and the College of Engineering.