January 19, 2018


Plant & Environmental Sciences (PES)

  • Despite the cyclone bomb and freezing temperatures, Kenneth Carroll (PES) and an interdisciplinary team of students (Chia-Hsing Tsai (Water Science & Management grad student, Justin Milavec (Water Science & Management grad student), Julian C. Umeh (Chemical Engineering grad student), and Simon Blevins (Soil Science undergraduate student) shown (right to left) in the photo traveled to the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) and injected a salt tracer solution into a contaminated stream to quantify transport and help ORNL investigate contamination sources. The other photo illustrates the tracer monitoring with sensors instrumented in the stream and water sample collection.
Image of a compost windrow at Alcalde Sustainable ASC

Agricultural Science Center (ASC) - Artesia

  • Composting can be a great way to manage organic wastes such as compost, food, paper, even pecan trimmings. The ASC-Artesia is assisting ACES Graduate Student Emily Creegan with her USDA Fellows project by providing guidance and support. Monday's cold and blustery day didn't hamper our efforts to collect samples from the three compost windrows that have unique recipes. Emily was able to utilize the correct sampling protocol that she learned at a compost operator certification course in Raton last semester. The fact that she sampled the windrows using a modified U.S. Composting Council method will allow her to determine if there are significant differences in microbial, chemical and physical characteristics. The composts will receive an economic analysis to aid in decision making.

Innovative Media Research and Extension (previously Media Productions)

  • A new app from the NMSU Learning Games Lab encourages children to cook and prepare vegetables safely. "Kid Eats" provides videos, recipes, and a fun virtual kitchen experience for youth in grades 3-6. Families can learn kitchen knife skills and practice making a tortilla pizza in the app. The free iPad app, as well as healthy recipes and cooking videos, can be found at KidEatsCooking.org. Resources were developed by NMSU's Innovative Media Research and Extension Department in collaboration with 4-H Fitness and Nutrition Clubs In Motion (4-H FANs IM) through University of Connecticut Extension (USDA-NIFA award number 2012-68001-19956).
Image of Kid Eats App