January 24, 2014

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Jon Boren, Associate Dean and Director of CES, attended the New Mexico Association of Counties legislative Conference in Santa Fe. The 2014 New Mexico Association of Counties Legislative Conference is held during the opening week of the New Mexico legislative session in Santa Fe. NMAC members convene at the conference to meet with their colleges and present county perspectives to their legislators. Member organizations have time to meet with their affiliate members. For 2014, the Cooperative Extension Service affiliate offered professional development training for county extension program directors to strengthen relations with County Commissions and county personnel.
  • The NM EDGE, which stands for Education Designed to Generate Excellence in the public sector, is a program administered by ACES Cooperative Extension Service. The EDGE program will be offering over 40 classes to public sector employees and elected officials from throughout the state of NM. NM EDGE will also graduate over 40 individuals from state, county and municipal government in various certifications.
  • Steve Loring attended the first meeting of the Digital Measures Steering Committee, representing the College of ACES.

Experiment Station

  • John Deere Corporation has worked out a deal with ACES Agriculture Experiment Station to provide 5 brand new state of the art tractors to be used by the Agriculture Experiment Station at Leyendecker, Fabian Garcia and campus Agriculture lands at virtually no cost to ACES. One of the tractors has a buddy seat in it so students can learn how to use all the navigation systems that the tractor is equipped with. This precision technology drives the tractor so planting is precise and efficient, all the driver has to do is turn around at the end of the row. As the tractors accumulate 250 hours of use they can be turned in and replaced with another new tractor. We are hopeful this program will continue to always provide ACES with new equipment.

Media Productions/Ag Communications

  • Agricultural Communications has created an economical flyer county offices can use to share a short history of the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service during this 100th national anniversary celebration of Extension. The Birth of the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service is a 12 page document with lots of historical photos, including homemakers using a pressure canner over a camp fire and NMSU's early Farmers' and Homemakers' Weeks where participants actually slept in tents instead of dorm rooms. The beginning of 4-H in New Mexico is also documented, as is the first Extension outreach program conducted from a flatbed railroad cars because there were so few roads in between towns in the state. The document also reproduces sections of the first annual report stating that Extension "now finds itself housed in four very comfortable office rooms, equipped according to their needs with desks, chairs, vertical files....but very little in the way of illustrative material, such as lantern slides, moving pictures, charts, etc. However, some material has been acquired and is being used to very good advantage; especially is this true of the stereopticon outfits and charts."

Agricultural and Extension Education

  • Tom Dormody has returned to ACES department of Agricultural Extension Education (AXED) from his two year work in Costa Rica where he served as the Dean of the Graduate School at The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) under a collaborative agreement between NMSU and CATIE. Tom has resumed his teaching load teaching AXED 201G general education communications course as well as AXED 400/500 Diffusions and Adoption of Agricultural Innovations. We are happy that he is back and teaching these valuable courses for NMSU.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • Professor David Cowley, in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology(FWCE), attended the International Biogeography Society meeting in Canberra, Australia to present his research on "Integrating parasite--- host interactions in distribution and abundance models to understand spatial patterns and to address conservation of an endangered freshwater mussel and its hosts. "
  • Dr. David Cowley of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology (FWCE) attended the International Biogeography Society meeting in Canberra, Australia, to present his research on "Integrating parasite--host interactions in distribution and abundance models to understand spatial patterns and to address conservation of an endangered freshwater mussel and its hosts."
  • Dr. Gary Roemer of FWCE attended the Gordon Conference in Ventura, California, about predator-prey interactions.
  • Dr. Martha Desmond attended a PI meeting" in Washington, D.C., for her USDA grant on "Preparing Students for Career Paths with the USDA Forest Service by Linking Student Success with Experiential Learning Opportunities in Forest Management and Climate Change Ecology".

Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

  • The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management will have a dozen students from Ecuador beginning in March. They will study Hospitality Management and English as a second language. At the end of 2014 the students will return to Ecuador's new University in Yachay.
  • The School of HRTM has submitted an application for a governmental liquor license for Gerald Thomas Hall. The notice is posted. The Regulation and Licensing Department hearing will be held on February 6th.