January 26, 2018

Image of spinach inside a high tunnel at Alcalde Sustainable ASC

Agriculture Science Center (ASC) - Alcalde Sustainable

  • Over 50 people attended a Winter Greens field day at the Alcalde Sustainable ASC. Del Jimenez, Extension agricultural specialist, Ivette Guzman, assistant professor of Horticulture, Rob Heyduck, senior research assistant, and Jacque Cormier, graduate student in Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES), gave presentations highlighting the research being carried out at the Alcalde Center on the use of high tunnels to produce spinach, kale, and lettuce for harvest during the coldest months of the year. Farmers selling during the winter months can receive premium prices for these crops at year-round farmers markets, schools, restaurants and other direct marketing channels.
Image of Dietetic interns from FCS

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

  • Dietetic interns from FCS traveled to Santa Fe with Kathy Vinyard, assistant director of the Dietetic Internship Program, to meet with other members of the New Mexico Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The annual trip is designed to provide students with a better understanding of the legislative process and to gain experience advocating on behalf of legislation that the organization supports. This year they were advocating on behalf of House Bill 62, which would provide funding to schools for farm-to-school education and community gardening for healthy eating in school cafeterias.
Image of attendees at the 25th Annual Childrens Law Institute Conference

Extension Family & Consumer Sciences (EFCS)

  • The Southwest Regional Training Center in the EFCS Department, recently hosted the 25th Annual Children's Law Institute Conference. Held annually in Albuquerque every January, the conference is a multi-organization collaboration with The New Mexico Supreme Court, the UNM Institute of Public Law and the NM Children Youth and Families Department as major collaborators. This year's conference was a huge success with over 1100 participants from throughout New Mexico. The conference focused on facing the challenging truths about the quality of life for children in New Mexico including the impact of poverty, race, and inequality.