February 7, 2014

Agricultural Communications/Media Production

  • Agricultural Communications/Media Production has collaborated with a team from the colleges of Education and Arts and Science on a NSF-funded project, Math Snacks, to create an educational game called Gate. This game, freely available on the web, has been used effectively with students in the 2nd - 7th grades to help them understand place value (ones, tens, hundreds), "chunking" of numbers, fractions and decimals. Gate has been distributed through various educational portals, including the teacher site Edmodo.com, Merlot (the California State Multimedia Resource for Online Education and Teaching), game repositories like PlayfulEdu and ClarkChart.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Hidalgo County Extension under the direction of John Allen has been working on a community garden project for the past two years. Hidalgo County only has one grocery store and can be listed as a "food desert" which is a term that was created to describe a limited access to healthy fresh foods. Attached is a link to a news story done by channel 9. Click here

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Dr. Wanda Eastman from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department took 7 master's students who are completing their dietetic internships to Santa Fe to learn about the legislative process and meet with state legislators. The students reported that they learned a great deal from the experience.
  • Dr. Marcel Montanez from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department and Jason Turner from Animal and Range Sciences Department presented a workshop for the Advancing Leaders program on February 7. Marcel used horses to teach qualities of successful leaders.