February 10, 2017

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • Professor Dave Cowley and PhD student Michael Hatch made presentations on February 1-2 as invited subject matter experts to the "Independent Science Panel: Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Life History" that was convened by the Middle Rio Grande Adaptive Management Program. A series of independent science panels are reviewing efforts undertaken to recover the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow by identifying knowledge gaps and recommending how science can be better applied for conservation of this endangered species.

Media Productions and Learning Games Lab

  • K-12 students played learning games developed at NMSU more than 3 million times in 2016, thanks to an ongoing collaboration between BrainPOP and NMSU's Media Productions department. School districts around the nation use BrainPOP as a source of quality educational media for computer labs and classrooms. Products from NMSU Media Productions and its Learning Games Lab, such Math Snacks, the Virtual Labs, and Ninja Kitchen, appear on BrainPOP's GameUp portal.