February 13, 2015

Image of 4-H County Council Officer Leadership Retreat

Cooperative Extension Service

  • 4-H County Council Officer Leadership Retreat: The 4-H agents in the Southwest District hosted a leadership retreat 4-H County Council Officer Leadership Retreat for 4-H county council officers on February 7-8 in Las Cruces. Twenty eight 4-H members developed leadership through participating in the NMSU low ropes course and workshops provided by agents. To end the weekend, youth learned about "Building the Best You" and going the extra mile by Mindy Turner, State 4-H Specialist. This was followed by youth having the opportunity to set team goals that they would implement back in their respective counties throughout the year. Kaylee Banegas, Doña Ana County 4-H'er, was quoted saying, "At the beginning of this weekend I thought I was just going to be attending the Southwest District Officer Training and learn about better teamwork. But I never imagined that I would learn so much about all the members on my team, including myself. I learned a lot about venturing out of my comfort zone and asking for help from my fellow teammates when I need it. I got to see some of the strengths and weaknesses of my team and myself. I cannot explain how much this weekend really impacted my views on leadership, teamwork, and communication. Aside from all the workshops, Kristen, Carli, Kayleigh, and I got to learn some life tips while cooking chicken."
Image of Bugs- Out of the Box
  • Bugs-Out of the Box: Extension Plant Sciences, Dr. Carol Sutherland, exhibited 33 different drawers of insects during the "Bugs-Out of the Box" at the Western Heritage Museum in Hobbs, NM. Each drawer featured a particular group of arthropods or a certain behavior or activity. The drawers were from the NMSU arthropod collection located in Skeen Hall. There were 1,024 attendees during this event.