February 14, 2014

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Cooperative Extension Service County Agent, John Allen, shared information some of the work our land grant university is doing in Hidalgo County. This is a big ongoing project with the mission to increase the availability and consumption of fresh locally grown foods in Hidalgo County. This project engages the community to take an active role in healthy living. Community leaders have stepped forward all throughout the county and are taking the responsibility of one of the many facets of this project. We currently are working with growers to increase the amount of food locally grown and building markets to distribute the food both for profit in the farmers market or donated to nonprofits to be given in emergency food boxes. We are not only building a stronger agriculture network within the county we are keeping dollars at home, and helping build small business.
  • 143 of our 4-H students participated in the 4-H Day at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on February 11th.
  • Christina Turner, Santa Fe County 4-H Agricultural Agent, was presented with the "Above and Beyond Award" from the Board of Regents. Christina's responsibilities include everything from livestock and judging programs to shooting sports to youth leadership teams. Through the Ag Literacy and Ag Awareness program, Christina has developed a series titled "Science for Life," consisting of four lessons: Agriculture in My Life, Amazing Farm Animals, Let's Get Growing, and Under My Feet and Over My Head. Through this program she has helped emphasize the importance of the food and fiber system to grade school youth.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • (FWCE) students attended the joint annual meeting of the Arizona and New Mexico chapters of the American Fisheries Society and the Wildlife Society. During the opening social, they held the first ever JAM Quiz Bowl. An NMSU FWCE student team won the competition, beating teams from Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona. Student team members were:

    • Team 1) Thomas Lubenau, William Lubenau, Clay Morrow, Trey Turnbull.

    • Team 2) Naomi Apodaca, Quentin Dean, Gerry Gonzales, Katie Joyner.

    • Team 3) Hunter Falco, Miranda Butler-Valverde, Jacob Naranjo, and Chance Roberts.

  • Graduate student Nathan Chase won the best Fisheries presentation award for his talk "Using Otolith Microchemistry to Track Movements of Prairie Stream Fishes in the Pecos River, New Mexico." NMSU was represented by 24 undergraduate students, 12 graduate students and post docs, the USGS COOP Unit faculty (Drs. Colleen Caldwell, James Cain, Scott Carleton, Keneth Boykin), and Dr. Jennifer Frey.

  • Dr. Martha Desmond, FWCE was awarded the 2013 Professional of the Year Award in Wildlife Conservation from the NM Chapter of The Wildlife Society for her development of the Natural Resource Career Tract (NRCT) Program, which provides a unique venue for encouraging Hispanic students to pursue careers in natural resource fields.

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Dr. Esther Devall, Department Head of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Jonathan Schwartz, College of Education, submitted a proposal to Michigan State University. The departments were selected as one of the pilot communities for the Community Assessment and Education to Promote Behavioral Health Planning and Evaluation project. In this project they will learn how the health decision-makers in Dona Ana County obtain behavioral health data, help develop tool kits about sources of behavioral health information, and then pilot the tool kits.
  • Dr. Carol Turner, Family and Consumer Sciences Department, was appointed to Visioning Committee of the Standards Committee of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is serving as a nationally recognized expert on Graduate Education in Community Nutrition.

Animal and Range Sciences

  • The 67th Annual International Meeting of the Society for Range Management (SRM) was held in Orlando, Florida February 8-13. The following awards were presented to NMSU students and faculty at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, February 12. Laura Goodman (PhD student in Range Science, won 1st place in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the PhD level. The title of her poster was "Effects of Applying Picloram and Aminopyralid with 2,4-D on White Locoweed in Northern New Mexico". The NMSU Range Club won 3rd place in the Student Chapter Display Contest. There are 21 Sections at the state or regional level in the SRM, and the University Range Clubs are the Student Chapters of the Sections. There were 8 chapters in the competition.
  • Dr. Lauri Abbott, Associate Professor of Range Science, was awarded the "Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award" by the Range Science Education Council. This award was established to encourage and recognize individual excellence in teaching that has extended over the course of many years and incites intellectual curiosity in students, engages them thoroughly in the process of learning, and has a life-long impact.

Media Productions/Agricultural Communications

  • An international team of food safety researchers has asked Media Productions/Agricultural Communications team to help them respond to recent events with new educational media. With less than a 5 day turn-around time, NMSU's graphic artists have worked with the researchers to translate their research base into a beautiful infographic in response to a recent outbreak of Campylobacter. The acclaimed "BarfBlog" site features NMSU's infographics. The team is continuing work on an animated version, footage for news organizations to use, and appropriate images for sharing through other social media. This is the first in an ongoing relationship, with anticipated infographic stills and animations produced monthly. Dr. Ben Chapman, Extension Food Safety Specialist at North Carolina State University said "After looking at our own lack of skill and capabilities, we sought an outside partnership with New Mexico State University Media Productions. They get us; and do fabulous work."