February 28, 2014

Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Plant and Environmental Sciences Department had a Donor Recognition dinner on February 27th to honor and say thank you to all their scholarship, research and endowed professorship donors. The dinner was well attended.
  • Dr. John Mexal, Distinguished Professor and Assistant Department Head of Plant and Environmental Sciences, retired. In his honor the Department raised $5700.00 to support Dr. Mexal's two endowed scholarships.
  • A two day urban tree care conference was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference was put on by Think Trees New Mexico, an educational non-profit and ACES Extension Plant Sciences department. The conference provided 4 NMDA Pesticide Applicator CEU credits, and 10-13 International Society of Arboriculture CEU credits as well as Society of American Forester CEU credits. ACES has a strong involvement by providing leadership to Think Trees NM and obtains national-caliber speakers from other universities and the private sector as well as our own local ACES experts.

Media Productions/Ag Communications

  • Media Productions/Ag Communications hosted an Ohio State University team of Extension specialists and administrators who requested training and exploration of a New Mexico State University-Ohio State University partnership. ACES team focuses largely on production, the OSU team focuses on training. Ag Communications is exploring ways to jointly pursue grants for the Learning Games Lab to create media and mobile applications to support Extension work in 4-H, agriculture and consumer sciences in Ohio -while also reaching national audiences.

Animal and Range Science

  • The Department of Animal and Range Science conducted a training session on NMSU campus farm for the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade and 80th Civil Affairs Battalion, Fort Bliss on Feb 26 and 27. NMSU personnel conducting the training were Dr. Raed Halalsheh (temp staff), Consuelo Gurule (undergrad), Megan Coleson (Grad Student) and Dr. Tim Ross, Department Head. The training provided information for soldiers assigned to work with citizens in Eastern Europe and East Asia with sheep enterprises.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • ACES Cooperative Extension Service's leadership, NMSU College of Health and Social Services, Michigan State University Cooperative Extension Service and Medical School, Oregon State University Cooperative Extension Service, and the Community Health Sciences in the UNM Health Science Center met to discuss and coordinate Health Extension programs. Discussions included the future Health Extension model for CES and academic health sciences, the national CES Health Task Force, and future partnership opportunities to meet community health needs.

Research Center

  • ACES Fabian Garcia Research Center is demonstrating the viability of a year round commercial salt water shrimp industry in New Mexico. They have demonstrated that four to five crops of Pacific White shrimp can be grown in one year with a potential market value of $15+ per pound. The student run NM Shrimp Company sold the first harvest of shrimp raised in our AES/Industry sponsored shrimp aquaculture facility over the weekend.
  • The Agricultural Experiment Station hosted two representatives of an international agricultural startup company (Landlife Company, http:www.landlifecompany.com/) from the Netherlands. We are establishing a collaborative research venture to test a promising product that has a huge potential in riparian restoration efforts. Currently this company is working in South Africa, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Argentina, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Australia. This NMSU collaboration will be their foray into the United States.