March 2, 2018

Image of a demonstration of the Hopster Mechanical hop harvester

Agricultural Science Center (ASC) - Farmington

  • The ASC-Farmington is working on key ingredients in beer-making. The team led a demonstration of the Hopster Mechanical hop harvester at the New Mexico Organic Conference and the Albuquerque Agri-Brew Roundtable. The mechanical hops pickers are Amish built and obtained with New Mexico Department of Agriculture support to help the NM Hop industry scale-up production and research efforts. Northwest New Mexico also has potential to produce barley standards that meet industry demands for beer-making and the ASC Farmington is in year two of the multi-state National Winter Malted Barley trial. Dr. Koffi Djaman, assistant professor of Cropping Systems, has joined the malted barley team and is gearing up trials on deficit irrigation among others. The work will be timely given the drought situation. These efforts are aimed at linking New Mexico farms with a thriving craft beer scene that is increasingly seeking locally sourced ingredients.
Image of Food Science and Technology graduate students, Daniel Munoz and Marie Cuellar

Extension Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)

  • Food Science and Technology graduate students, Daniel Munoz and Marie Cuellar, were among 10 graduate students selected from applications submitted nationwide to participate in the Student Diversity Program as part of the Agricultural Outlook Forum. They are pictured here with the Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue. The Forum is the USDA’s largest annual meeting, attracting as many as 2,000 attendees from the U.S. and abroad. The forum highlights key issues and topics within the agricultural community, offering a platform for conversation among producers, processors, policymakers, government officials, and non-governmental organizations, both foreign and domestic.
Image of Raquel Garzon giving a presentation
  • Dr. Raquel Garzón, Extension Wellness specialist, delivered a presentation on Managing Stress and Building Resiliency to the Southern New Mexico Society for Human Resource Management last week. Resiliency is key to enhancing employee productivity and health and especially relevant to HR professionals. A recent survey indicated that New Mexico is the 6th most stressed state in the country and ranks 3rd for work-related stress. HR professionals play an important role in facilitating programs that help employees better manage stress and develop tools for increasing resiliency for their employees. Extension Family and Consumer Sciences has developed a stress and resiliency program that demonstrates enhanced knowledge and skills in tools critical to building resiliency.
Image of Kenneth Carroll teaching elementary students

Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES)

  • Kenneth Carroll, assistant professor of Water Resource Management, from the PES Department, taught elementary students about rocks, soils, seeds, and water at the Sonoma Elementary STEM Night. The students were interested to know which seeds were used for agriculture in New Mexico, and they saw the rocks of the Organ Mountains and the soils that form when they erode. Many were interested in becoming future scientists.