March 9, 2018

Image of ACES Team that worked on 508 Compliance issues

Innovative Media Research and Extension

The Rehabilitation Act, Section 508, required that by January 2018, websites of any organization receiving federal funds must be accessible to persons with disability. In six months, ACES’ Innovative Media Research and Extension team edited, corrected and coded almost 7,000 web pages, including 20,000 PDFs, images, interactive media, and 1,000+ YouTube videos. The team inserted compliant captioning and image codes to ensure accessibility. Because ACES’ web sites represented about half of NMSU’s total web assets, this effort significantly raised NMSU’s overall compliance score. Going forward, new documents posted to ACES sites will be reviewed for compliance to accessibility and copyright laws.

Image of East Picacho Elementary students

Agricultural Extension Education (AXED) & Plant and Environmental Sciences (PES)

The AXED and PES Departments combined forces to help East Picacho Elementary school students learn about soils, erosion, and rocks. About 85 second graders got a chance to get their hands dirty during a field trip to the Zuhl Museum and windmill technology area on the west side of NMSU campus. Faculty and grad students from both departments set up learning stations where the kids could look through a microscope to see nematodes and other soil fauna, practice soil texture-by-feel, identify rocks and see how compost is made. Other lessons included the filtering properties of soil, how covering a soil helps reduce erosion, and what kind of products come from soil. The highlight was getting a personalized tour through the new Zuhl Museum.

Image of attendees at Lets Talk! Breakfast at Quay County

Quay County Extension Office

The Quay County Extension Office hosted the latest Let’s Talk! Breakfast in Town event at the Tucumcari Convention Center. This educational series is conducted around the state by Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources specialists and the Corona Range and Livestock Research Center. The agenda is modified to present relevant information by location to meet the needs of our clientele. The Quay County event started with breakfast for 35 attendees, followed with presentations on the Tucumcari Bull Test, Current Federal Motor Carrier Rules as they apply to livestock hauling and an update on the ACES High calf marketing program. An attendee driven roundtable discussion on livestock production and marketing completed the event, which is sponsored by industry.

Image of Brenda Bishop and attendees at Will Workshop

Brenda Bishop, Family and Consumer Sciences agent, gave a “Why Everyone Needs a Will” workshop at the Quay County Extension office. It motivated many participants to take action; one particular participant stated that it prompted her to “organize & update her will.”