March 21, 2014

Animal and Range Sciences

  • Animal and Range Sciences Department gives a Farm Tour of animals on Mondays and Thursdays for school age children. They have a least 4 schools that bring kids to tour the on campus farm animals. It is highly successful and an excellent recruiting tool.

Media Productions/Ag Communications

  • Media Productions/Ag Communications and the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences collaborated to submit two grant proposals to USDA's Hispanic Serving Institutions Program to enhance recruitment and retention of underrepresented students in STEM majors. Drs. Chamberlin and Gleason cooperated with Dr. April Ulery on a grant entitled Raising The Gates: Addressing Gaps in Students' Understanding of Math and Chemistry in the Animal and Plant Sciences, and with Dr. David Dubois on a grant entitled Enhancing Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students in Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences via Mobile Devices.

NMSU Rodeo

  • The Rodeo Team attended two rodeos in Central Arizona College this week. Our students did very well in both rodeos.


Bareback Riding: Trenton Montero 1st Place.

Saddle Broncos: Tyke Kipp 1st place, Casey Wood came in 5th.

Breakaway: Brandi Pfeifer tied for 1st place and Jenna Suazo came in 4th.

Barrels: Meghan Johnson 2nd place and Nalynn Cline 4th place.

Goat Tying: Brandi Pfeifer 2nd and Shelby Montano 6th place.

Tie-Down: Pacen Marez 1st place and Russell Van Boelen 2nd place.

Team Roping: Brennon Seely and Sheldon Church tied for 3rd place and Omar Ramirez 8th place.

Men's Team: NMSU 1st place

Women's Team: NMSU 1st place

Men's AA: Tyke Kipp 1st place

Women's AA: Brandi Pfeifer 1st place.


Bareback: Trenton Montero 2nd place

Breakaway: Jenna Suazo 1st place

Tie-Down: Victor Ugalde 1st place, Cody Runyan 2nd place, Ty Anderson 3rd place Ben South 4th place, Pacen Marez, 7th place and Bo Simpson 8th place.

Sadle Broncs: Tyke Kipp 3rd place

Barrels: Nalynn Cline 3rd place, Meghan Johnson 4th place

Steer Wrestling: tyke Kipp 2nd place, Ethan Shelley 3rd place, Colt Capurro 6th place

Team Roping: Cody Mirabal and Reno Eddy tied for 3rd place, Nicole Sweazea 5th place, Victor Ugalde 7th place.

Men's Team: NMSU 1st place

Women's Team: NMSU 3rd place