March 31, 2017

Image of Native American Women Warriors

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • On March 25, Stephanie Muise, a graduate student in the Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology Department, was inaugurated into the Native American Women Warriors color guard during the 43rd Annual Denver March Pow Wow meeting. The Native American Women Warriors (NAWW) is a color guard made up of all women, Native American Veterans who are selected through a strict application process. Not only must a woman have served in the armed forces to be considered, she must also show that she strives to improve the lives of Veterans and their native communities in their day-to-day lives. The NAWW has been invited to presidential inaugurations, monument unveiling, as well as significant Native American cultural events across the country, and they serve as ambassadors to the public for women veterans. The Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology Department is very proud of Stephanie.
Image of Tucumcari Bull Test

Tucumcari Agricultural Science Center

  • The 2016/17 Tucumcari Bull Test (TBT) was held at NMSU-ACES Tucumcari Agricultural Science Center and operated in partnership with the Tucumcari Feed Efficiency Test, LLC and NMSU-ACES Cooperative Extension Service. The test started with 155 bulls, representing 4 breed. One hundred and twenty-six of the tested bulls were selected by 16 participating producers to participate in the 2017 TBT Sale held on March 11th. The top 85 performing bulls made the "sale ring." All bulls making the sale were sold via their video, versus appearing live in the sale ring. This allowed the sale to progress more efficiently and buyers could leave in an organized and timely manner before the sale was ended. Over 150 people were in attendance at this year's sale.
Image of Merranda Marin

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Teaching with the Stars - Merranda Marin, associate professor in Family and Child Science, was selected to present at the Teaching with the Stars event on March 30 sponsored by the Teaching Academy. Eight award-winning faculty from NMSU gave tips for effective teaching. At the close of the event, attendees voted for their favorite teaching star, and Dr. Marin was the winner.