April 4, 2014

Media Productions

  • This week FOX-TV aired a news story about Media Productions' work on a national, multi-institution grant research project on norovirus. http://mms.tveyes.com/PlaybackPortal.aspx?SavedEditID=b95f042e-9471-4934-8cfa-52ca20089307 Media Productions works on this USDA-funded grant with 13 major research universities, 4 federal agencies, 2 medical research facilities and industry leaders from the food, cruise ship, produce and shellfish industries. Please see NoroCORE's website.

Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • Dr. John Mexal, and Mick O'Neill (Plant and Environmental sciences), Sue Forster-Cox (Public Health) met to give an overview of Peace Corps programs that facilitate graduate student recruitment and retention. The Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program works with more than 50 American universities that offer financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Any returned Peace Corps Volunteer who satisfactorily completed service has lifetime eligibility to become a Coverdell Fellow. The Peach Corps Master's International program offers the unique opportunity to pair graduate studies at one of more than 80 U.S. academic institutions with Volunteer service abroad. These programs have proved themselves in the College of Health and Social Services and in the college of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences to a degree where we may consider expanding them into the other colleges on campus. Georgia Elhers (University of Arizona) and Blair Orr (Michigan Tech) will give detailed information about the Peace Corps Coverdell and Master's International programs to the Deans and Department Heads for the Graduate School and all six graduate degree granting colleges/departments on April 16.

Cooperative Extension Services

  • NMSU Extension Service will be hosting some wildfire preparedness workshops in Rio Arriba County in the coming week. Rio Arriba County residents have watched as other areas in New Mexico experienced the life-changing effects of disastrous wildland fires. To help residents protect their homes and livestock from disaster, NMSU Rio Arriba County Cooperative Extension Service office is hosting these workshops on emergency preparedness for inside and outside of the home in order to decrease risks, and ave plans for evacuation of their livestock and themselves. This workshop will give them many techniques and tips on how to be prepared and will take place in Abiquiu, Tierra Amarilla, and Dulce.