April 17, 2015

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Whitney Biel and Efren Delgado hosted 54 FFA students who participated in a statewide food science and career development competition at NMSU on April 8 and 9. The FFA students gave product development presentations as teams, and then had to pass a series of individual written and sensory evaluation tests. The first place team will move forward to the national competition.
  • Kourtney Vaillancourt was part of a national team who met in New York on April 10-12 to review and write items for the national licensing exam for marriage and family therapists. Dr. Vaillancourt is president of the New Mexico Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and has served as a national item writer for five years.
  • The Family Wellness program, directed by Esther Devall, Dr. Marcel Montanez, and Lisa Shields, was one of 12 programs in the nation featured in and published by the National Research Center on Hispanic Children and Families in April for the Guide to Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs for Hispanic Couples and Families.
  • Extension Family and Consumer Sciences-Dr. Nancy Flores was one of 14 faculty at NMSU who were nominated for the Campus Globalization Award given by the Office of International and Border Programs on April 7. Dr. Flores was recognized for her work with 200 individuals from six counties to improve food safety, promote economic development, and create a trained work force in the food industry. Her work in bringing nine doctoral students from Durango, Mexico to NMSU for food science research fellowships was also recognized.

Animal and Range Science

  • The NMSU Horse Judging Team, coached by Dr. Laura White and assisted by Kayla Wells, placed 5th in Halter, 5th in Performance, and 4th High Overall at the Spring Sweepstakes Horse Judging Contest in Dallas, Texas on April 14. Individuals placing in the contest were Katie Creager (2nd in Halter, 10th in Reasons, and 10th High Overall), Larissa Estrada (9th High Overall), and Susana Urias (15th in Performance). Other team members were Tiffany Fowler, Elizabeth Elliott, and Dustin Gaskins.

Fish Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • On Monday 6 April, Dr. Jennifer Frey and the Wildlife Museum in conjunction with the student chapter of the American Fisheries Society, gave a tour and presentation to 36 kids and ten adults from the Roadrunner Pre-K program.
  • On Thursday 9 April, Jennifer Frey and graduate student Brian Small gave a presentation on vegetation requirements for beaver restoration to the New Mexico Southern Wetlands Roundtable hosted by the NM Environment Department.

Extension Plant Sciences

  • Bernd Leinauer from the Extension Plant Sciences Department spent one and a half weeks in Beijing and Xiamen, China to present at the Asian Golf Show on golf course water conservation and to teach golf course maintenance to students from the Golf Institute at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The Chinese government will start regulating water use on golf courses on July 1, 2015 and the Golf Course Superintendents Organization of America which co-organized the Golf Show invited Dr. Leinauer to present some of their research findings on turf grass water conservation.

ACES Administration

  • Western Rural Development Center Board of Directors Meeting: Jon Boren, Associate Dean and Director of the Cooperative Extension Service, and Dr. Steve Loring, Associate Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, attended the Western Rural Development Center Board of Directors Annual Meeting, held April 8-9 in Richland, WA. The Western Rural Development Center collaborates with western land-grant universities and public and private sector partners to promote excellence in research, education, and Extension for the prosperity of western rural communities.