April 28, 2017

Image of the Plains Nutrition Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Animal and Range Sciences

  • Nine graduate students from the Animal and Range Sciences department attended the Plains Nutrition Conference in San Antonio, Texas in April 2017. Posters were presented by Eben Oosthuysen and Rachel Carey in the Graduate Student Research Poster competition. Ms. Carey received second place for her research poster entitled "Innate immune response, diet digestibility, and ruminal fermentation patterns of calves supplemented with crude glycerin via drinking water during endotoxin challenge."
Image of Savannah Burke and Deanne Lee

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Seven graduate students who are completing dietetic internships presented their research at the annual meeting of the New Mexico Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Santa Fe. Pictured are Savannah Burke who investigated the impact of a cooking school on Native American diabetics, and Deanne Lee who determined the need for local corn masa fortification based on folic acid intake and corn masa consumption of Hispanics. Gaby Phillips and Kathy Vinyard direct the combined master's degree/dietetic internship program.

Media Productions

  • The Learning Games Lab is currently inviting two ages of youth, (grades 3-4 and grades 6-8) to join week-long summer "Think Tanks." Selected Game Lab consultants will play games, use multimedia tools in design sessions, and reflect on their daily experiences through blogging and video journaling. The Learning Games Lab, part of ACES' Media Productions, is a development studio, a user-testing research space, and an exploratory environment for playing and evaluating games and educational tools. The sessions develop media literacy and 21st century skills such as collaboration, design, and communication. Youth should complete the 2017 Think Tank Application to be considered for participation in a session.
  • Over the past 30 years, ACES' Media Productions (also called Agricultural Communications) has earned a strong national reputation within the Land-Grant University system as a premiere producer of educational media for agricultural producers, Extension clientele, 4-H youth, college students studying agriculture, and consumers. Over the years, agricultural researchers and Extension specialists from more than 40 universities, agencies, and nonprofits have partnered with Media Production on projects funded by USDA-NIFA, the National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies to create digital tools for agriculture and natural resources management, agricultural sciences education, agricultural production technologies, food safety, and family and consumer sciences. Multi-state partnerships leverage the team's expertise in instructional design, development of digital tools, and user testing of agriculture-focused educational modules; as just one example of this national impact, food safety resources created by ACES' Media Productions have had 3.1 million uses since 2015. The team curates and distributes its decades of freely accessible resources to support Extension and 4-H outreach and the teaching of agricultural sciences: these including apps, interactive tools, YouTube videos, and web modules focusing on topics such as food safety (Produce Safety Matters, Don't Wash Your Chicken!), cooking and nutrition (Eat&Move-O-Matic, Ninja Kitchen), food science (Virtual Labs, Safe Preparation of Beef Jerky), consumer economics (Night of the Living Debt, PowerPay), horticulture (Southwest Plant Selector), soil science (Science of Soil, Understanding Western Soils), youth agricultural safety (Treadsylvania, Stay Safe Working With Horses), and animal science (4-H Livestock Record, Everything Is Chemical). Media Productions' mission is to help agricultural researchers enhance communications links with key stakeholders, such as Cooperative Extension staff, the food industry, agricultural policy makers, the diverse public, 4-H youth, and college students in agricultural fields.