May 5, 2014

ACES College

  • College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences has given the following awards to graduating students. Awards are based on academic excellence and involvement in NMSU, College and Community. They will be recognized during the Sam Steel Ceremony on Friday, May 9th.
    • NMSU Alumni Outstanding Senior- Lyndi Owensby, Outstanding Student in AEAB- Abigail Davidson, Outstanding Student in AXED- Kyra Grant, Outstanding Student in ANRS- Consuelo Gurule, Outstanding Student in EPPWS- Grace Goeglein, Outstanding Student in FCSC- Haley Nohl, Outstanding Student in FWCE- Craig Townsend, Outstanding Student in HRTM- Steven Hills, Outstanding Student in PEVS- Anne Meyer-Miner, Dean's Award of Excellence- Haley Montes (Undergraduate) Kendal Wilson (Graduate), Deans Award of Leadership Excellence for undergrads- Megan Hartman (AEAB), Melissa Redman (HRTM), Lindsay Keller (PEVS), Lindsay Koby (PEVS), Matthew Crouse (ANRS), Taylor Calloway (ANRS), Blanca Placenco (FCSC), Deans Award of Excellence for Graduates- Laura Conklin (FCSC), Phillip Lujan (EPPWS), Megan Coleson (ANRS), Hank Hargis (AXED), Dean's Award of Academic Excellence- Jess Leeper (AEAB), Luisa Rojas (HRTM).

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service 4-H clubs join FIRST Lego League (FLL) robotics competition where they research innovative solutions to a problem and build a LEGO autonomous robot to accomplish set tasks. FIRST-For inspiration and Recognition of Science and technology -Lego League is an international program that engages youth in playful and meaningful learning while helping them discover the fun in science and technology. Each year FLL sets a challenge on which each team will conduct research, determine a problem and create an innovative solution for the problem. This year, the challenge was titled "Nature's Fury" and the teams studied natural disasters such as storms, fires and earthquakes. They addressed what can be done when intense natural events meet the places people live, work and play.
  • Dr. Tracey Carrillo, Assistant Director of ACES Campus Land Operations, hosted country music artist James Wesley ("Thank a Farmer") and his band as they toured the Fabian Garcia Science Center and the New Mexico Shrimp Company, which is an NMSU research facility demonstrating the feasibility of shrimp farming in New Mexico. One of the band members said "There is hope for US agriculture" after seeing all the innovative research being conducted by the College of Agricultural, Consumer and

  • Environmental Sciences faculty and staff. At the 2014 Country Music Festival concert in downtown Las Cruces, James Wesley thanked the college for the inspirational tour.

  • Lincoln County Extension Service collaborated with Lincoln County Community Health Council during the Maze of Life event on April 23. It provided eighth grade students from Ruidoso, Carrizozo, Hondo, Capitan and Mescalero with nutrition education. The experiential maze was an interactive life-size game designed to help teens better understand the consequences of decisions. The Lincoln county Extension booth "Re-think Your Drink" discussed the health risks of consuming energy drinks and high sugar drinks such as soda and the importance of drinking water, eating a healthy diet and including physical activity daily. 250 eighth grade students attended the two day program. The Maze provided the middle school students with accurate information about teen issues in a positive forum, to encourage discussion between teens and parents and reinforce the life skills needed to handle life situations.

  • Sierra County Extension Service organized an Ag Day Event this week. The event was centered on agriculture literacy and impacts over 300 youth. There were over 75 volunteers helping the FFA and 4-H members with the 20 different stations. 4-H and FFA members took a leadership role in mentoring youth at the event. This helps the 4-H and FFA kids develop public speaking skills while handling many of the ag presentations relating to where their food and clothes come from. Each classroom of student were weighed-in on a large livestock scale. They were "auctioned off" by Auctioneer, Shawna Wood, to their FFA student helper for the day. They proceeded to the stations which included the following: Chamiza Cowbelles - "More than a Cow", Bullocks Grocery-varieties of apples, Kelsie's -milk cow demonstration, Taysha's - "How to make butter", Krystie's - Wheat & grinding flour, Cody's - Cowboy cobbler (dutch oven cooking), Sierra County Farm and Livestock Bureau: butter & rolls, and branding demo, Ag in the Classroom, Game and Fish-wildlife demo, FSA, NRCS & Sierra SWCD - worm/soil demo, Caballo SWCD - "Have you Eaten any Soil Lately?", Renee's "Naked Egg", parts of an egg and chick development, Also 4-H and FFA youth did presentations on sheep, goats, miniature horses, regular horses & horse tack, and cattle. The Sierra County 4-H Council engaged youth with leadership games. Most of the stations offered some sort of "hands-on" activity so the kids could participate and learn how they can be a part of agriculture.

  • Hidalgo County Cooperative Extension Windbreak Program. In an effort to help local homeowners protect their property from strong winds the Hidalgo County Cooperative Extension Office, John Allen, established a windbreak seedling program. Over the course of the last week a newspaper article was published that highlighted the use of drought tolerant trees as windbreaks. The article covered how livestock, gardens, and homes are sheltered from winds by linear planting of resilient Arizona Cypress trees. Windbreaks not only help lower utility bills, they also help conserve soil and water both precious resources in Hidalgo County. This program provided 36 homeowners a set of 8 Arizona Cypress seedlings to plant on their property. Trees provided were planted to protect 12 homes, 18 gardens or fields, and 6 livestock enclosures. Homeowners also received a tree planting guide for successful seedling establishment as well as information on windbreak design, location, and care. All materials were developed by the extension agent to meet Hidalgo County's challenging growing conditions.

Fashion Merchandising

  • The Student Association of Fashion Merchandising and Marketing (SAFMM) held a fashion show in the art gallery in Williams Hall on Saturday, April 26 from 6-7:30 p.m. The students showcased the clothing they had made in the beginning clothing construction, advanced clothing construction, and flat pattern-making classes. Over 100 people attended. Dr. Melinda Chavez and Mrs. Christine Ashby from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department worked with the students to coordinate the show.
  • Josh Franco and Ernesto Carranza, seniors in Clothing, Textiles, and Fashion Merchandising, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, held a showing of their clothing lines on Friday, April 11 from 6:30-8:00 pm in Gerald Thomas Hall. Each student had designed and made 15 original items of clothing. Over 50 people attended the fashion show. Dr. Roselyn Smitley worked with the students to coordinate the show.

Rodeo Team

  • New Mexico State University's Rodeo. The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association results this week show NMSU Men's Rodeo Team as number 1! The Grand Canyon Region Standings also rated the NMSU Men's Rodeo Team number 1.