May 7, 2016


  • On March 22, the Teaching Academy hosted a panel to discuss Community Engagement, Outreach, and Extension. Panelists talked about what Community Engagement is, what makes good impact statements, why they are important, examples of impacts from various colleges, and how those impacts can be entered in Digital Measures. More than 30 participants attended the event and another 55 participants from across the state joined via the web. The panel consisted of Natalie Kellner (Provost's Office), Karen Trujillo (College of Education), Mari Langford (College of Health and Social Services), Jon Boren (Cooperative Extension Service), and Steve Loring (Agricultural Experiment Station).
Image of Stuart Munson-McGee

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Wanda Eastman was appointed as the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Representative to the Council of Future Practice for the 2016-2017 Academy program year. Wanda's commitment to the Academy supports empowering members to be the food and nutrition leaders. Academy successes are directly related to the contributions of member leaders like Dr. Eastman. It is a high honor to be appointed a representative on this council. We in ACES are proud of Dr. Eastman's success.

  • Stuart Munson-McGee, Food Science and Technology faculty member, received an award for outstanding service from the Faculty Senate in honor of his leadership as Chair.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • The Guadalupe County Extension Service, in coordination with the Guadalupe Soil and Water Conservation District, hosted a demonstration for local growers on the use of weed barrier fabric and mat installation. Area growers learned to use both the tractor-pulled implement for large area fabric installation and received information on hand installation using weed fabric and staples. More than 30 growers from across the county attended the demonstration, where NMSU Extension Agriculture Specialist Del Jimenez explained the process for laying down the fabric, how the fabric works and reasons one may want to use this growing option. Jimenez works with small farmers all across New Mexico, demonstrating a variety of modern growing techniques such as hoop house and cold frame construction and growing, as well as weed barrier installation.