May 8, 2015

Image of Winter Canola and Wheat field day at Clovis

Agricultural Experiment Station:

  • Crop Physiologist, Dr. Sangu Angadi, and Curry County Extension Agent, Mr. Dunlap Luther, arranged a Winter Canola and Wheat field day at Clovis on April 28, 2015. Nearly 60 people from the surrounding area learned about a potential alternative crop, canola. Agronomists weed scientists, and entomologists participated in the field day. Representatives of different industries also participated in the program. In spite of the bad weather, a field tour was arranged after lunch for interested clientele. A graduate student, Mr. Chris Landau, presented his research on canola weed management.

Cooperative Extension Service:

  • Extension Plant Sciences Cary Hamilton, Director/State Liaison of the IR-4 Project, traveled to the Western Region State Liaison Representative/Commodity Liaison Committee (SLR/CLC) meeting in Portland, OR, April 20-23, where water, pesticides, biopesticides, weeds, and insect issues were discussed. Field trips included visits to local farms, organic production facilities, and nurseries; Cary is the State Liaison for New Mexico representing the pesticide needs for farmers, growers, and ranchers in the state.
  • Santa Fe County Extension Office Christina Turner recently participated as a presenter for the annual Santa Fe Children's Water Fiesta. Her session included a slide presentation and a hands-on activity on "Agricultural Uses of Water" in which she addressed methods in which farmers are addressing water conservation. She repeated her presentation nine times reaching approximately 200 fourth grade students.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology:

  • Drs. Gary Roemer, and James Cain recently received an augmentation to their grant entitled: "An Assessment of the Landscape Genetic Structure of the Western Continental Golden Eagle Population". The augmentation was for an additional $93,444 - bringing the total received for this project to $120,043. This work involves a consortium of academic and agency scientists and resource managers whose collective goal is to determine the connectivity of golden eagle populations to minimize the impacts of proposed wind energy developments in the U.S.

Dean and Associate Deans of ACES:

  • 240 ACES students graduated this Spring. The following students received an award for their outstanding achievements during their college career. They were recognized at ACES Sam Steel Ceremony Friday, May 8.
    • NMSU Alumni Outstanding Senior- Jeremy Witte
    • Outstanding Student in AEAB- Julianna Wilbanks
    • Outstanding Student in ANSC- Joslyn Beard
    • Outstanding Student in AXED- Morgan Pinnell
    • Outstanding Student in EPPWS-Spencer James Golden
    • Outstanding Student in FCSC-Cara Lea Miller
    • Outstanding Student in HRTM-Susana Alcaraz Gonzalez
    • Outstanding Student in PEVS-Aiessa Wages
    • Dean's Award of Leadership Excellence
    • Jeremy Witte-Undergraduate
    • Brittany Johnson-Graduate
    • Dean's Award of Excellence for Undergraduates
    • Jessica Lucero-AEAB
    • Rhaela Staff-ANRS
    • Samantha Fisher-AXED
    • Marshall Zimmer-EPPWS
    • Kristen Griffith-FCSC
    • Jacob Naranjo-FWCE
    • Liliana Covington-HRTM
    • Audrey Smith-VEVS
    • Dean's Award of Excellence for Graduates
    • Whitney Stewart-ANRS
    • Kassandra Williams-FCSC
    • Dean's Award of Academic Achievement
    • Florence Davis-HRTM