May 14, 2017

Image of Andres Cibils, Dr. Lara Prihodko and Joslyn Beard in the second annual Artesia Junior High School Ag Day

Animal and Range Sciences

  • Andres Cibils, Dr. Lara Prihodko and Joslyn Beard from the Animal and Range Sciences Department participated in the second annual Artesia Junior High School Ag Day. Twenty presenters from the region, including several groups from NMSU, were on hand to increase awareness about agriculture in the state. Drs. Cibils and Prihodko presented information on the Range Science program at NMSU and Ms. Beard, currently a graduate student in the department, presented information about career possibilities with an NMSU Animal Science degree. There were also interactive stations where students could learn more about current research in the ANRS department both in New Mexico and abroad. Approximately, 600, 8th and 9th grade students took part in Ag Day.
Image of Stacia Prosser and Dr. John Campbell
  • Stacia Prosser was awarded a student travel fellowship from the International Stockmen's Educational Foundation (ISEF) to attend the International Livestock Congress (ILC) in Houston, Texas from March 8-9, 2017. This fellowship is offered to twelve select students from around the world who demonstrate scholastic achievement, leadership, and the drive to initiate an impactful career in agriculture. The ILC is a global event held yearly for domestic and international leaders in the livestock and meat industry to discuss matters of global importance. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) projects a 50 percent increase in world food demand by 2030 to support the growing global population. This year, the topic was "Balancing Livestock and Water Use for Sustainable Nutrition," with invited talks and panel discussions addressing soil and water sustainability and worldwide human welfare--current topics of concern. The main question asked was: how do we produce a greater amount of nutritious food while navigating the water crisis? At the ILC, each speaker reports relevant information about the current international status, and panel discussions conclude the event by identifying prospective opportunities to reach a solution including areas of research interest, necessary technological advancements and changes in global policy, as well as improvements to the education of future young scholars and agriculturalists to protect our future. Stacia is pursuing her Ph.D. in animal science in Dr. Ryan Ashley's laboratory.
Image of Andres Cibils
  • Andres Cibils attended the 2a Jornada de Ganadería Criolla (Criollo Cattle Meeting) in Chamical, La Rioja, Argentina on April 18-21. Dr. Cibils gave a presentation on the joint research conducted by the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range and the Department of Animal and Range Sciences titled "Grazing behavior of Raramuri Criollo cattle in the SW United States and northern Mexico." The conference was organized by Argentina's Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA), Estación Experimental Agropecuaria La Rioja and the Universidad Nacional de La Rioja. Over 600 people attended the event including scientists, ranchers, and students. Dr. Cibils was also able to visit a research ranch where current collaborative NMSU-INTA Criollo cattle research is being conducted. Discussions were held about the possibility of setting up a network of long-term grazing studies at sites in New Mexico (USA), La Rioja (Argentina and Chihuahua, Mexico) to study the environmental footprint of raising Criollo cattle in hot semiarid environments.
Image of Ag Expo in Chihuahua Mexico

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • USDA Fellowship - Dr. Efren Delgado, assistant professor in Food Science and Technology, has been selected to participate in the 2017 USDA E. Kika De La Garza Science Fellowship program starting June 19. The program offers faculty from Hispanic-Serving Institutions the opportunity to work collaboratively with USDA to gain understanding of USDA and other federal agencies, and to identify mutual interests to build and complement USDA programs. Fellows are expected to share their experiences and networking information with colleagues and students upon their return.

  • Ag Expo in Chihuahua - Efren Delgado, Sergio Soto-Navarra, Francisco Ochoa, and Rod McSherry from the College of ACES attended the Ag Expo held by the University of Chihuahua in Mexico. The faculty met with students and shared information about degree programs and research being conducted at NMSU.

School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

  • On Sunday, May 7, Las Cruces Sun News featured an article about HRTM, written by Paula Heikell. The article was about students seeking a degree in HRTM that leads to a good position right after college graduation. Student in HRTM have a hands-on learning experience in food and beverage classes and a variety of other avenues. Read the Hospitality Program Preps Students article.