July 11, 2014

Plant and Environmental Sciences

  • The Multistate Research Project "Microirrigation for Sustainable Water Use (W-2128) received the Western Region Award of Excellence for Multistate Research at the Western Region Joint Summer Meeting of academic, research, and extension deans and directors held in Lake Tahoe, NV. Three current Plant and Environmental Sciences faculty (Manoj Shukla, Mick O'Neill, and Daniel Smeal) and one retired faculty (Ted Sammis) were part of this multistate project. The project also was nominated and selected for the National Award of Excellence in Multistate Research; project Administrative Advisor Steve Loring (Agricultural Experiment Station) will attend the APLU meeting in Orlando, FL, to receive the national award on behalf of the group. The awards have received national publicity from RFD-TV, Ag Is America, and KGlobal.

Media Productions/Ag Communications

  • Jeanne Gleason received the "Award of Excellence for Instructional Design" at the 2014 Annual meeting of the Association for Communication Excellence in Portland, June 24-27. The citation recognized Dr. Gleason for "building a nationally recognized production studio for creative videos, multimedia, distance outreach and educational game production...She is active in international work, most recently in the Middle East and China. Her documentaries have been featured at the Smithsonian Institution and carried on PBS Stations in the USA, the Australian Broadcasting Company and the Israeli Discovery Channel." The citation also noted that Dr. Gleason has received USDA's Diversity Award for her instructional design of educational media for non-English speaking audiences.

Cooperative Extension Service

  • Grant County 4-H Shotgun Team Youth Represent NM at National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational: New Mexico was represented by the Grant County 4-H Shotgun Team at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational held in Grand Island, Nebraska June 24-28. The Grant County Shotgun Team consisted of Austin Moore, Trevor Jensen, Dustin White, and Mike Deloff. The team was coached by Rob Bates and Elvin George. Also traveling with the team was Ty Dalton who helped the Grant county team qualify for the national contest by competing on the state winning team but was ineligible to compete at the national contest due to national contest age limit requirements. The Shotgun team competed in three different shotgun disciplines during the national shoot. These disciplines consisted of Sporting Clays, Trap, and Skeet. The New Mexico team placed 15th overall in the nation as a team. Congratulations to the Grant County New Mexico Shotgun Team on all of their accomplishments at the state and national levels!!

  • Leaders from International and Border Programs and Faculty from ACES met last week with the Director of International Programs a Faculty member from LaSalle Polytechnic Institute, Beauvais, France, and the Director of UTEP's Center for Environmental Resource Management to discuss a potential MOU between NMSU and LaSalle Beauvais. The MOU could extend to student exchanges at the undergraduate level, faculty exchanges, research collaboration, and joint graduate programs. Dr. Marie Lummerzheim and Dr. Romain Armand presented a program to a group of 12 NMSU representatives that described the role of LaSalle Beauvais in the French higher education system and discussed their interests in joint programs in plant breeding and cropping systems, animal science, human nutrition, food science, and culinary arts. Drs. Rich Pratt, Mark Uchanski, and Kulbushan Grover showed the French visitors and Dr. Bill Hargrove of UTEP the ACES Student Education and Research Gardens and the Fabian Garcia Agricultural Science Center, and discussed some of their current research efforts. UTEP currently has an MOU with LaSalle Beauvais in geology and hydrology. ACES will work with LaSalle Beauvais and UTEP to develop a three-way partnership to enhance international opportunities for students and faculty of all three universities.