September 1, 2017

Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Dr. Steve Loring, associate director, has been selected by the Irrigation Association Awards and Honors Committee to receive the 2017 National Water and Energy Conservation Award. This award honors significant achievement in the conservation of water and energy relating to irrigation procedures, equipment, methods and techniques. The Irrigation Association (IA) is the leading membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributors, designers, consultants, contractors and end users. The IA is dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation technologies, products and services. Together with experts and stakeholders from industry, academia and the public sector, the IA works to define best practices for effective water management, establish benchmarks and guidelines for irrigation products and applications; promote efficient irrigation technology and practices; and advocate sound policies to ensure the availability, quality and conservation of water supplies. Well done Dr. Loring!
Image of The NM Green Chile Crop

NM Green Chile Mechanical Harvest Research

  • Chile farmers and representatives from NM chile processors were on hand to observe the green chile mechanical harvest trial conducted at the Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center August 29-30. The NM green chile crop is completely hand-harvested; however, mechanizing the process is critical to regain NM production acreage lost to competing countries due to disparity in labor cost and availability. Drs. Stephanie Walker, Extension Vegetable specialist, and Dr. Paul Funk, USDA-ARS Agricultural Engineer, are longtime collaborators in mechanization research and have worked together to identify optimum equipment, field management, and varieties. This week's trial evaluated six advanced green chile breeding lines developed for mechanization efficiency with the goal of new variety release in support of green chile production in the state.
Image of Dr. Sonja Koukel

Extension Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Dr. Sonja Koukel, an associate professor and Extension health specialist, has been recognized nationally for her peer reviews of scholarly journal articles. She was recently awarded the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) 2017 Outstanding Peer Reviewer award for the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences. The journal is a quarterly, peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the AAFCS. AAFCS is the only association for family and consumer sciences students and professionals across multiple practice settings and content areas. For more than 100 years, AAFCS has focused its mission on providing leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families and communities in making more informed decisions about their well-being, relationships and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.
Image of Jennifer Hernandez-Gifford

Animal and Range Sciences

  • Jennifer Hernandez-Gifford, an associate professor of reproductive physiology, received the Young Scientist Award, which is awarded through a nomination process only one time per year. The award recognizes outstanding research achievement by a candidate age 40 or younger. Ryan Ashley, an assistant professor in the NMSU Department of Animal and Range Sciences, nominated Hernandez-Gifford for the award. Young Scientist Award nominees' research activities are evaluated in terms of contributions to greater efficiency or quality of livestock production or utilization. Research from Hernandez-Gifford's lab is expected to help reproductive physiologists provide novel and innovative methods to ensure economic success for livestock producers while feeding the world's growing population. The long-term goal of Hernandez-Gifford's research is providing knowledge about the physiological role and mechanism of action of ovarian WNT signaling molecules in follicular development in the adult ovary.