September 9, 2016

Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Dean Rolando Flores; Dr. David Thompson, associate dean and director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System; and Dr. Steven Loring, associate director of the Agricultural Experiment Station System, joined more than 55 people for a field day at the Agricultural Science Centers at Artesia. The field day is a chance for the public to attend and learn what our researchers and Extension faculty are doing and how that benefits the producers and consumers of New Mexico.

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

  • As a result of a consortium to address conservation of western continental golden eagle populations, convened by Dr. Gary Roemer (NMSU Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology), Dr. James Cain (USGS New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the first-ever federal permit was issued allowing researchers to share golden eagle feather and tissue samples for scientific research. This has resulted in genetic and stable isotope research, which will increase our understanding of the movement ecology and genetic structure of the continental golden eagle population and contribute to mitigating anthropogenic mortality factors such as deaths due to electrocution and wind turbine collisions.